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Big Ass Fans' Clean Air System Gets CDC Endorsement

They're big, they kill pathogens, and they're an important part of one of the four pillars of facility disinfecting and safety. They're Big Ass Fans' Clean Air System line of fans for warehouses, schools, restaurants and more.  

Recently featured on CNBC, the CDC recommends the technology used in Big Ass Fans Clean Air System: "Upper-room (or upper-air) GUV uses specially designed GUV fixtures mounted on walls or ceilings to create a disinfection zone of ultraviolet (UV) energy that is focused up and away from people. These fixtures disinfect air as it circulates from mechanical ventilation, ceiling fans, or natural air movement." 

UVGI (UV-C) Disinfection Technology

Used in both commercial and residential applications, these fans harness the disinfecting power of UV-C light, a scientifically proven disinfectant for over 70 years. By incorporating CDC-endorsed UVGI (UV-C) technology with Big Ass Fans, pathogens move through an upper-air-level disinfection zone – continuously and safely providing clean air where it’s needed most.

Big Ass Fans® Clean Air System Fans with UV-C Disinfection Technology

Reducing Risk with Every Spin

It's time to invest in in your air quality with Big Ass Fans’ full-service air disinfection solutions. Big Ass Fans has mastered the science of airflow with purpose-built products that deliver unparalleled performance. Now their world-class overhead and directional fans work with the Clean Air System to create safer, healthier conditions throughout your space.

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