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5 Core-Strengthening Stability Ball Exercises

Traditional sit-ups and crunches will only take you so far in your quest to strengthen your core. If you desire a rock-solid core that serves as your body's strength foundation, it is time to take advantage of a stability ball. The human body...

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6 Ways Trainers Can Integrate Outdoor Workouts into Client Programs

People will be spending more time outdoors now that the weather has warmed up. This does not necessarily have to be bad news for trainers. It is possible to integrate outdoor workouts into training sessions. All it takes is a little bit of...

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How to Build a Company Gym (And Why You Would Want To)

If you ask a handful of CEOs to describe the health of their company, they’ll most likely answer in numbers and charts, and dollars and cents. While you won’t catch me ignoring these valuable metrics, I believe that the wellbeing of my company...

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7 ways to keep your members engaged over the summer

Summer is here. This is the time of year when people take vacations, have fun outdoors and generally take it easy. It is not the time of year when people flock to gyms for intense workouts. However, your fitness facility member engagement does...

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Benefits of Fitness Equipment Leasing

Gym owners and managers across the world are quickly warming up to the benefits of fitness equipment leasing. Leasing your facility's fitness equipment makes sense for your budget as well as your clientele. Let's take a look at why more and more...

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How To Increase Guest Pass Conversions with Live Chat

Implement a live chat feature on your website and you will find it boosts guest pass conversions. Sure, offering guest passes alone makes a big difference in terms of adding to your member base and bolstering the bottom line. Yet figuring out...

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Customer Spotlight: Pittsfield Family YMCA

Your Name:
Eric Tyer
Health Club Name:
Pittsfield Family YMCA
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Gym vs. Outdoor Training

If you’ve spent the entire winter working out in the gym, and you’re thinking about switching things up a bit with some outdoor training, here’s what you should know. Every location offers a lot of benefits, but they both have some downsides to...

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How Clean Is Your Gym? Hidden Health Risks and What You Can Do

The typical gym is loaded with germs, bacteria, grime and other unsavory particles. This is precisely why some people opt to work out at home or outdoors. It is imperative that you keep you fitness facility perfectly clean and make it clear to...

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Essential Gym & Facility Supplies For New Business Owners

Selecting the right location for your gym is only half the battle. Once the facility is constructed, it is time to start selecting top-notch exercise machines and fitness equipment cleaning supplies. The best way to approach this endeavor is to...

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