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18 Things We Did in 2018 That You May Have Missed

2018 has been a busy, fun-filled year for us at Zogics. From new product additions to awards and customer highlights, we’re sharing some of our favorite moments of the year with you:

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15+ Questions to Ask Before Buying Gym Membership Software

Whether you love it or hate it, the relationship between your gym and your members is vital. Paul Bascobert, president of local at Yodle, explains in an interview with Club Solutions Magazine the benefits of having a relationship with your...

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12 Best Fitness Gifts for 2018

Give the gift of fitness this holiday season! Our Holiday Gift Guide has everything you need for the fitness lover in your life—here are 10 great gifts for your whole fit fam.

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How To Boost Gym Profits With the Latest Fitness Brands

Does your gym offer the latest and greatest fitness equipment? Not only does new equipment help you win over new members, but it will help you keep the members you have. Check out these trendy pieces of fitness equipment that will give your gym...

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Zogics Autoship Program: Better Than Ever!

Until your work clone arrives, shopping for your gym or fitness facility will probably remain on your to-do list. However, stocking and restocking your shelves shouldn't take too much of your time. Our redesigned website is quick, informative,...

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Gym Wipes vs. Spray Bottles

The constant hum of electricity. The inviting flash of rows of LED displays. The ability to watch a Top Chef marathon AND exercise at the same time. One of the most popular areas of any gym is the cardio fitness room. With some many members...

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Heavy Rope Training Benefits

If your members are looking for ways to ramp up strength, tone muscles and burn fat, heavy ropes are the right choice. Heavy ropes are quite unconventional yet extremely effective. This is the exercise solution for members tired of repetitive...

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How to Clean Gym Equipment

An overlooked element of fitness centers is their cleanliness. Gym owners and managers can attract new clients with new machines, group fitness classes, and low membership rates. But the condition of the gym matters is vital. Current and...

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Resistance Bands vs. Weights

The fitness and wellness world evolves with the introduction of new fitness trends. Recent trends include barre exerciseTRX suspension training, and resistance bands. Fitness enthusiasts swear by these versatile, elastic bands. Others are a...

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How Gym Owners Can Save Money and Delight Members

There are many ways gym owners and managers can save money. But how do they do it without decreasing the quality of services? Increase revenue and keep your members satisfied with machines, classes and the condition of the facility. Here is...

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