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Spring Madness Sale

May 06, 2014 By Jeff

This week is the start of our Spring Madness Sale which features savings on a unique product bundle each week. To kick things off we started with a gym wipe bundle which inlcudes everything needed to start using gym equipment wipes in your facility.

Week 1: Gym Wipes Bundle- New Gym Starter Pack

gym wipe bundle

  • 4 rolls of Wellness Center Wipes
  • 2 adjustable wall dispensers
  • 2 gym wipe signs
  • 2 simplehuman trash cans
  • 100 simplehuman trash can liners
  • 1 FREE Hydroflo water bottle
  • 5 FREE sport earbuds

Our gym wipe bundle is a great way for new fitness centers, gyms and other facilities to save money on everything needed to start using gym equipment wipes. Your clients will love how your new gym wipe bundle helps keep your gym equipment clean and looking new.

Reg: $450.00 // Sale: $349.00 - You SAVE $101.00

Week 2: Hand Sanitizer Bundle

sanitizer bundle

Hand Sanitizer Starter Pack

  • 2 Gallons Alcohol Free Zogics Hand Sanitizer
  • 2 Manual Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispensers
  • 2 Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Table Top Bottles
  • 2 Dozen 16x27 White Towels
  • 2 Zogics Performance Ear Buds

A great way for fitness centers, gyms and other facilities to keep their customers safe, happy, and clean. This is the best savings on alcohol free hand sanitizer, dispensers and gym towels. The package includes; 2 Gallons Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 2 Manual Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispensers, 2 Full Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Table Top Bottles, 2 Dozen 16x27 White Towels, 2 Zogics Performance Ear Buds.

Reg: $140.00 // Sale: $99.00 - You SAVE $41.00

Here is a preview of things to come weeks 3 and 4:


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