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Valentine's Video Contest!

In the spirit of St. Valentine and "love" we are opening our Valentines Day Video Contest. Everyone who enters gets a roll of gym wipes. Winner gets $100.

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Out Of Order - How to properly clean your cardio equipment

The constant hum of electricity, the inviting flash of rows of LED displays, the ability to watch a Top Chef marathon AND exercise at the same time - one of the most popular areas of any gym is the cardio fitness room. These days, equipment...

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Back to school already?


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Beware of the Breakroom

I was cruising around WebMD today trying to diagnose the following symptoms I've been having for the past week or so:

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Prepare for Zombies

I follow the CDC (Center for Disease Control) on Twitter and Facebook and passed along some of their articles here before. They're a great resource on disease prevention and outbreak information. Turns out, they also have a sense of humor.If...
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Square Bottle by Clean Bottle

A while back, the nice folks over at Clean Bottle did a run of Zogics branded water bottles for us that we passed along to our customers in qualifying orders of Gym Wipes. They looked a little something like this:

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Mobile alerts from the CDC

The Center for Disease Control now offers mobile alerts as a new resource for credible health information and tips.

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How To Prevent Salmonella Infection

Well, I posted about Salmonella a couple of days ago and apparently no one listened to me. The outbreak has now spread to 21 states and is getting some major attention from the media. Here is an info-graphic I put together with some tips on how...

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March Madness Winners!

The Kentucky Wildcats did what everyone expected them to do last night by claiming the 2012 NCAA Championship title. It's their 8th title and its been 14 years since they claimed their last one. If you are a Kentucky fan (like me) today is a...

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Salmonella Outbreak

The CDC is reporting that a new outbreak of three, rare strains of Salmonella is making its way across America, currently affecting 16 states.

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