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Launching Zogics Australia!

June 03, 2013 By Jeff

gym wipes australiaWe're thrilled to announce Zogics Australia! Now our mates down under can order Zogics' full lineup of gym cleaning and safety supplies directly from our new Sydney warehouse. From gym wipes to hand sanitizers to first aid kits to AEDs, Zogics has everything you need to make sure your facilities are up to snuff. Best of all, we offer our top quality products at the lowest pricing around. Guaranteed.

Visit www.zogics.com.au for ordering and product info, or call 1-300-ZOGICS (964427). Available products include:

To celebrate the launch of Zogics Australia, now through June 30, customers in Australia can use coupon code JUNE1310 to take 10% off their first order at www.zogics.com.au!

What do Australians think about Zogics' arrival? They couldn't be happier: http://on.wsj.com/13YmHU3.


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