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Zogics Olympics

It’s only been about 48 hours and I am already sick with Olympic fever. Suddenly I really care about things like swimming, gymnastics, cycling and whatever else Bob Costas tells me to like. Extreme acts of patriotism, great theme music and half naked athletes with perfect bodies make the next 16 days a must watch event.

But I’ve got some beef. There needs to be some kind of media/Facebook rule that forbids anyone from posting the results of events until I get home to watch the prime time coverage. Guess what, I have a job and I don’t want someone tweeting me who just won the men’s gymnastics competition! Wall Street Journal, do not send me an email at 1:00 PM with your mega spoiler about who won the swimming medley! Hey you, lucky jerk on Facebook who is fortunate enough to actually be at the Olympics…I don’t need you posting a photo of the women’s synchronized divers on the podium as soon as it happens!

There is no escape. I have no choice but to avoid these things completely between 9am and midnight when I’ve seen the broadcast for myself, had a couple of glasses of wine and cried at all the back stories in the privacy of my own home.

What the heck am I supposed to work all day??

I have an idea! All this week here at Zogics we are going to have our own round of Olympic games. We’ll see who here at the office can make it to the podium in events like the Wellness Wipes gym equipment wipes toss, pallet jack races and gym wipes dispenser basketball just to name a few. Of course we’ll film them all for you and share them here and on YouTube. Are you doing any kind of office Olympics? Send your videos our way…who knows, maybe you’ll get something.

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