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Zogics = ROCK GODS

Well, at least our Director of Operations, Craig, does.

This past month, our local paper, The Berkshire Eagle, held a competition and Facebook poll where you could vote on your favorite local band. The winner headlines the annual Guitar Jam in Pittsfield where the top 4 vote getters play a 25 minute set.

Out of the over 5,000 votes cast, this year's winner is none other than Zogics' very own Craig Simmons, lead singer of Who Are You, the most amazing Who cover band to ever take the stage. Seriously, they are GOOD. But you don't have to take my word for it, just ask any of the 994 people who voted for his band. Or better yet, if you are in Berkshire county the weeked of May 19th, head to The Colonial Theater in Pittsfield to check out Guitar Jam IV. You can purchase tickets here.

Great job Craig!

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