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4 Cleaning Tips That Make Cleaning at the Gym Sexy

Zogics_Blog_September_4TipsForCleaningGym.jpgIt’s not a new concept. I’m pretty sure the only reason that my mom was so brand loyal to Brawny paper towels was because she had a thing for mustaches. Not into hairy types? Don’t worry, Mr. Clean is in the next aisle over waiting to add some luster to your life.

But encouraging your gym members to keep things tidy isn't just about simple brand loyalty. When it comes to making cleaning attractive in your club or health facility you’re not selling a product — you’re selling an idea. And that idea is that each user should do their due diligence in keeping their facility looking nice and up to par for other users. That doesn’t mean you need to resort to Brawny-esque tactics, but there are things that you can do to make cleaning appealing without intruding on the look and branding of your gym.

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Rule 1: Be Discreet
While it’s important to make your wholesale cleaning products visible and easy to locate so that your clients use them, you also want them to complement their environment. Find products that aren’t too heavily branded with bright coloring or big logos that are going to compete with the look and feel of your club. Less is more – products that have a clean look, are clearly labeled and have easy to read instructions for use are the way to go.


Rule 2: Be Consistent
Once you’ve found the right product, make sure it is in the same place every time a customer needs it. Users are 65% less likely to use cleaning supplies if they have to go searching for them. Use wall mounted dispensers or stainless steel floor stands with products like pre-moistened equipment wipes instead of buckets that sit on the floor. Put hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer dispensers near locker room or bathroom doors where people are most likely to use them. Also, if you have instructional wall signs, make their color and font is as consistent with your branding as possible.


Rule 3: Lead By Example
If you and your staff work to keep the facility clean, so will your members. The harder you work to keep a clean gym, the harder your members will work to keep it that way. It’s simple, text book group mentality; people will follow the crowd. Train your staff on the right way to clean and make sure that whenever there is down-time they are looking for things to tidy. If they see someone veering from your standards, make sure that they know how to diplomatically address the situation.

Rule 4: Look Around
Take a step back and look at your facility. Are there spray bottles and dirty rags hanging around your equipment? Is the trash overflowing underneath paper towel or gym wipe dispensers? Are your mirrors and floors clean? Is hand sanitizer in a place where it is being used effectively? Let’s face it, if you take a look around and think to yourself “someone should pick up around here”, chances are your clients are thinking the same thing.

Making cleaning “sexy” usually consists of nothing more than finding the right products and systems and encouraging your members and staff to use them effectively. When done properly, it can not only cut your cleaning costs, it can also help you sell memberships and retain staff by showing that you are a facility that cares about health and safety.

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