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How to Choose and Use Heart Rate Monitors

As we learn more about the human body and physical fitness, we are finding out it is not the length of exercise sessions that matter so much as the intensity of the workout. This means it might not be prudent to put your body through a demanding...

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10 Black Friday Deals You Can Get Right Now

Do you love to shop on Black Friday? A lot of people love to go to the store and find the best deals. If you're like us and like to skip the lines, you can take advantage of these great deals right now from the comfort of your own home. Check...

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Power Plate Exercises

Power Plate exercises put the body through an intense workout that produces legitimate results. This exercise takes little time yet it dramatically bolsters the body. If you are short on time or simply don't want to spend much time exercising,...

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5 Weight Machines to Upgrade Your Gym

If your gym doesn't have an abundance of weight machines or if your members seem to have grown tired of your current offerings, it is time to add some new equipment. New weight machines combined with the right fitness center supplies will give...

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Our 10 Newest Brands

Innovative products come from innovative brands. Quality is held at the highest standard at Zogics and the brands we carry represent the best of class. We know you work hard at maintaining wellness and top performance at your gym—that's why...

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10 Products You Didn't Know We Had

We started out years ago by creating the best gym wipes available (over 1 billion individual Zogics wipes have been used to maintain cleanliness at gyms over the last ten years!), but now we represent a comprehensive and diverse product lineup...

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Reduce Absenteeism with Hand Sanitizer

Public spaces like gyms are usually rife with germs. Germs line door handles, desks, workout machines, bathroom surfaces and beyond. Clients and employees bring germs to the facility at an especially high frequency during the winter months but...

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Choosing the Best Workout Towel

Gym memberships are becoming more common as time progresses. There is a strong social push toward health and fitness. Those who own and manage fitness facilities have an extraordinary opportunity to rapidly grow their member base and ramp up...

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Our Top 10 Products

Over the last decade, we've grown our lineup to include thousands of the most reliable and top quality products in the fitness and wellness industries. With over twelve unique product categories, it's easy to see why so many gyms turn to Zogics...

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Incorporate Foam Rollers Into Your Workout

Implement foam rollers into your workout and you will wonder what took you so long to hop on board with this fitness trend. Foam rollers are affordable and quite versatile. They don't take up much space yet they produce massive dividends. Load...

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