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National Heart Month: HeartSine Samaritan AED Product Guide

Zogics has a wide range of AEDs and accessories. Our line of HeartSine AEDs offers a quality, reliable AED that is simple enough for anyone to use. These AEDs are designed to allow facilities the most effective way of dealing with any...

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How To Boost Gym Profits With the Latest Fitness Brands

Does your gym offer the latest and greatest fitness equipment? Not only does new equipment help you win over new members, but it will help you keep the members you have. Check out these trendy pieces of fitness equipment that will give your gym...

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Zogics Autoship Program: Better Than Ever!

Until your work clone arrives, shopping for your gym or fitness facility will probably remain on your to-do list. However, stocking and restocking your shelves shouldn't take too much of your time. Our redesigned website is quick, informative,...

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Keep Facility Floors Dry & Germ-Free with Dri-Dek

No more puddles. No more wet floors. No more germs.

Flooring in your facility varies from room to room, but whether it's wood, tile, rubber, or turf, it's got to stay clean for members to get the right impression. Locker rooms and showers...

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Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

It's no secret that sauna bathing has health benefits beyond its relaxing and pampering effects. Studies show that sessions in a sauna can improve blood pressure, heart rate, and vascular health, just to name a few. However, sitting in a sauna...

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5 Ways Zogics Clean Outshines the Competition

Take it from us—we know cleaning. We've spent years dedicating ourselves to helping gyms, fitness clubs, and all types of facilities create a culture of clean. Our newest line of concentrated cleaners is the result of thousands of hours of...

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Must-Have Amenities for Rental Properties

There's a lot that goes into owning, managing, and maintaining a rental property, but the growing popularity of AirBnB, VRBO, and other vacation rental services makes it a worthwhile (and profitable) endeavor. Let's face it, travelers are...

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SPRI Fitness Equipment

Zogics is proud to partner with fitness industry favorite SPRI as a part of our brand collection. A leader in rubberized resistance and performance training, SPRI offers a comprehensive catalog of fitness equipment that is perfect for every...

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Cleaning Essentials for Every Facility

It's not difficult to maintain a clean facility, yet it's one of the most important aspects that members look for. With the right equipment and training, you and your staff can create a spotless space for guests to enjoy, and more importantly,...

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Introducing Airex®  to the Zogics Lineup

Europe-based, Airex, is a global industry leader in high-quality fitness and gymnastics mats. With extensive fitness, holistic and rehabilitation experience paired with Swiss premium quality, Airex products make exercising easy on joints,...

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