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Choosing a Bulk Shampoo

If you are on the prowl for shampoo, consider buying in bulk. It makes sense to buy bulk shampoo for a variety of reasons. Once you find the perfect shampoo for your idiosyncratic purposes, buying a single bottle will prove wasteful and...

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How to Clean a Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths must be cleaned in a highly nuanced manner. Otherwise, it will eventually prove unsuitable for future use. Microfiber cloths attract dust, bacteria, dirt and all sorts of other unwanted debris. As a result, they are a bit...

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Hyperwear SandBell vs SteelBell

At first glance, the SandBell® and the SteelBell®, may seem like very similar products. Both of these Hyperwear products consist of a neoprene sleeve filled with weight – the SandBell® with play sand, and the SteelBell® with steel shot.


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Which Paper Towels are Best?

Which paper towels are the best fit for your club? There are several things to consider when choosing paper products for your facility. To start, consider the amount of space you have for dispensers. Smaller restrooms may not be able to...

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Gym Wipes vs. Spray Bottles

The constant hum of electricity, the inviting flash of rows of LED displays, the ability to watch a Top Chef marathon AND exercise at the same time - one of the most popular areas of any gym is the cardio fitness room. These days, equipment...

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Introducing Beekman 1802 and Paya

Reduce waste removal costs and protect the environment by switching to a gallon jug size shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, shower gel, and lotion and refillable dispensers. Less packaging means these amenities also save space and time when it...

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GOJO Dispenser Systems Comparison

How do you know which GOJO soap dispenser system is best for you? With so many options to choose from, we've developed this comparison to help you with decision making. Engineered reliability and easy servicing is what drives the robust...

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GOJO Soaps Guide

Which GOJO hand soap should you be using? With so many options to choose from, we've developed this guide to help you with decision making. Also check out our dispenser comparison to help you find the right dispensing system for your soap....

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4 Cleaning Tips That Make Cleaning at the Gym Sexy

It’s not a new concept. I’m pretty sure the only reason that my mom was so brand loyal to Brawny paper towels was because she had a thing for mustaches. Not into hairy types? Don’t worry, Mr. Clean is in the next aisle over waiting to add some...

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Ready to Throw in the Towel?

We live in controversial times. Heated dialogues regarding environmental issues are sure as rain. The paper towel versus automatic hand dryer debate is a topic we’ve touched upon before. At Zogics, we sell both. However, our clients – and most...

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