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COVID-19: What the 2019 Coronavirus Means for Your Fitness Facility

There has been much reported about the Wuhan China Coronavirus and people are concerned. Understanding the virus, how it's spread, and how to protect yourself is the best way to ease fears and protect the public. The World Health Organization...

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Paying Employees To Exercise

We just rolled out an innovative new benefit at Zogics: employees now earn $6.50 for each hour they exercise (up to $100 per month) to spend on health and wellness related expenses.

The program is called Zogics HealthCash, and the funds can be...

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5 Ways Zogics Clean Outshines the Competition

Take it from us—we know cleaning. We've spent years dedicating ourselves to helping gyms, fitness clubs, and all types of facilities create a culture of clean. Our newest line of concentrated cleaners is the result of thousands of hours of...

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Zogics Acquires TheWipeshoppe.com

Zogics, a global leader in the health, fitness, and facility supply industry, announced its acquisition of TheWipeshoppe.com, a leading provider of commercial gym wipes, disinfecting wipes and hand wipes. This is the second acquisition by Zogics...

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Alcohol-Based Vs. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a common item on our desktops, in our bags, as well as grocery stores, gyms and other facilities we all frequent. Hand sanitizers combat the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that threaten our health every day....

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Zogics Acquires Clean Holdings, Manufacturer of The Cleaning Station™

Zogics, a global leader in the health, fitness, and facility supply industry, announced today its acquisition of Clean Holdings, a manufacturer of cleaning and disinfecting dispensers and accessories.

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The 20 Most Popular Products at Zogics in 2019

Before we jump into another year, take a look back at our 20 most popular products from 2019. From wipes and cleaning concentrates to fitness favorites, we've proudly supplied equipment, supplies, and services to facility owners all over the...

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How to Motivate Your Gym Members During the Holidays

The holidays are here and that means most people will pack on a few pounds. Some might even stop exercising for the week of Christmas and New Year's. Here is a look at a few ways to keep your members motivated to exercise during the holiday...

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How to Clean Gym Equipment

An overlooked element of fitness centers is their cleanliness. Gym owners and managers can attract new clients with new machines, group fitness classes, and low membership rates. But the condition of the gym vital. Current and prospective gym...

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The Best Rubber Flooring for Gyms

Everything you need to know about Zogics Rolled Rubber Flooring

For a lot of owners, designing your gym falls into two categories: 

  • The items you are passionate about
  • The items you didn’t realize are just as important to consider
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