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5 Money (and Time) Saving Gym Upgrades To Try Today

We often make the mistake of seeing gym upgrades and renovations as a one-way interaction: money goes out, nothing comes back. Don't let this misguided judgement prevent you from making the necessary updates to your fitness facility.

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Enhancing Locker Rooms to Boost Retention and Acquisition

There is nothing more important to your members than the experience they have in your locker rooms. You might have the most advanced fitness equipment in the world but if you have less than average locker rooms you are more likely to lose a lot...

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Intro Guide to Locker Room Design

Who doesn’t want something nice? Locker rooms contribute a lot to a facility’s general appeal. It means the difference between clients coming to your place versus going straight to other competitors. This is the place where your clients go to...

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Bacteria Breakdown: Germs at the Gym

You'd be surprised to learn how many germs are on your favorite pieces of equipment at the gym.

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What is Functional Training?

Functional training, commonly referred to as “FT”, attempts to form or alter exercises that empower individuals to perform daily activities safely and easily. When defined in the context of bodybuilding, FT means engaging in weight bearing...

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Getting Started With The Bosu Ball Balance Trainer

The BOSU Balance Trainer is best described as exercise equipment that heightens the challenge of achieving and maintaining balance and stability. BOSU stands for "both sides utilized"—you can use the BOSU Balance Trainer on the flat side or the...

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What is BOSU?

The BOSU Balance Trainer, commonly referred to as BOSU, hit the market back in the year 2000. Invented by David Weck, this piece of exercise equipment has quickly become one of the leading fitness products in countries across the globe. BOSU was...

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Alcohol-Based Vs. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

As we become collectively more aware of the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that threaten our health every day, hand sanitizers have become a common place item on our desktops, in our bags and are popping up more and more in grocery...

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Polar Heart Rate Monitors Buyer's Guide

Wearable fitness trackers and heart rate monitors have been popular for a few years now and it seems these gadgets are here to stay. With so many options, brands, and features to choose from, it's no wonder our hearts start racing at the thought...

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What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A seemingly healthy person shouldn't fall to the ground from heart disease, yet every now and then, sudden cardiac arrest strikes a healthy individual with potentially fatal results. The Cleveland Clinic reports sudden cardiac death strikes...

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