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Your Fitness Facility is Reopening—Here’s How to Create a Culture of Clean

Many communities have begun phased reopening, posing an exciting but challenging question for gym and fitness facility owners: what now?

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What Is An Electrostatic Sprayer?

Discover one of the newest tools in touch-free disinfecting.

COVID-19 has introduced a considerable amount of new vocabulary to the general public – social distancing, R rate, aerosolized droplets. If you’ve heard any experts discussing...

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Foggers, Electrostatic Sprayers & Electro-Hygiene Atomizing: a Breakdown

Are you confused as to the difference between foggers, electrostatic sprayers and electro-hygiene atomizers when it comes to disinfecting? You're not alone.

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COVID-19 Tips: Dwell Times for Effective Disinfection

Learn how proper contact times kill the Coronavirus on surfaces.

A common question we've received lately is, “How do I know that the products I’m using are effectively killing the Coronavirus?”. The answer lies in the dwell time of the...

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Top 5 Steps to Take NOW Before you Reopen your Fitness Facility

Getting ready to reopen your gym or fitness facility after the shutdown? Here are five important things you should be focusing on before you reopen to the “new normal”.

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Introducing the Zogics Clean Guide for Fitness Facilities

Cleaning Protocols and Resources for Fitness Facilities

Despite the current shutdown, we are always looking toward the future. We know that the shutdown will end eventually (and has for some of you), and the public will want to get back to...

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Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Washing: Is One Method Better Than The Other?

Hand sanitizer vs. hand washing is one of those ongoing debates that has more than one “right answer.” People are more focused on germ removal than ever before. This begs the question: when is hand-washing appropriate, and when should you use...

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COVID-19: What the 2019 Coronavirus Means for Your Fitness Facility

There has been much reported about the Wuhan China Coronavirus and people are concerned. Understanding the virus, how it's spread, and how to protect yourself is the best way to ease fears and protect the public. The World Health Organization...

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Paying Employees To Exercise

We just rolled out an innovative new benefit at Zogics: employees now earn $6.50 for each hour they exercise (up to $100 per month) to spend on health and wellness related expenses.

The program is called Zogics HealthCash, and the funds can be...

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5 Ways Zogics Clean Outshines the Competition

Take it from us—we know cleaning. We've spent years dedicating ourselves to helping gyms, fitness clubs, and all types of facilities create a culture of clean. Our newest line of concentrated cleaners is the result of thousands of hours of...

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