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Customer Spotlight: Dan of BodyTrac Health & Fitness

Dan Lily is the owner of BodyTrac Health & Fitness studios in his hometown of Weston and Sunrise in South Florida. He received his education at Florida State University where he earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in the areas of Exercise...

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Cyber Week Deals Are Here!

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday season, Zogics is bringing you the biggest and baddest gym supplies sale! Between Nov. 23 - 30, shop great discounts on gym wipes and equipment, cleaning and facility supplies, bath & body care, towels, and ...

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5 Ways To Increase Your Gym Profitability

Are you worried that memberships are the only source of revenue for your gym? Worry not - there are many ways to develop additional revenue streams for your health club! All it takes is a little bit of creativity and some elbow grease.


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Hyperwear SandBell vs SteelBell

At first glance, the SandBell® and the SteelBell®, may seem like very similar products. Both of these Hyperwear products consist of a neoprene sleeve filled with weight – the SandBell® with play sand, and the SteelBell® with steel shot.


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Top 5 Weighted Vest Body Weight Exercises

Ask any personal trainer what the best body weight exercise is, and you’ll get a response. Probably a different response than the next personal trainer you ask. Keep asking around, and you’ll get a long list of “best” body weight exercises. Put...

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Customer Spotlight: Brett of Barre South

Born in Charleston, SC but mainly hailing from Lynchburg, VA, Brett attended college at James Madison University and graduated with a major in Public Relations and minor in Dance. After college, she moved to Charleston again for a year, and...

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First Aid Essentials

It’s National Preparedness Month! You've probably already read our post on the 7 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Emergencies. As a follow up we have created a First Aid Essentials Guide, a safety checklist and other related first aid...

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Which Paper Towels are Best?

Which paper towels are the best fit for your club? There are several things to consider when choosing paper products for your facility. To start, consider the amount of space you have for dispensers. Smaller restrooms may not be able to...

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6 Instagram Tips for Gyms

As you probably already know, Instagram is a social media app for sharing photos and short videos. Although there is space for captions and comments , Instagram is mostly visually based. It’s one of the newest, but already has more than 400...

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