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Your Fitness Facility is Reopening—Here’s How to Create a Culture of Clean

Many communities have begun phased reopening, posing an exciting but challenging question for gym and fitness facility owners: what now?

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Top 5 Steps to Take NOW Before you Reopen your Fitness Facility

Getting ready to reopen your gym or fitness facility after the shutdown? Here are five important things you should be focusing on before you reopen to the “new normal”.

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Introducing the Zogics Clean Guide for Fitness Facilities

Cleaning Protocols and Resources for Fitness Facilities

Despite the current shutdown, we are always looking toward the future. We know that the shutdown will end eventually (and has for some of you), and the public will want to get back to...

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Zogics Acquires TheWipeshoppe.com

Zogics, a global leader in the health, fitness, and facility supply industry, announced its acquisition of TheWipeshoppe.com, a leading provider of commercial gym wipes, disinfecting wipes and hand wipes. This is the second acquisition by Zogics...

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Zogics Acquires Clean Holdings, Manufacturer of The Cleaning Station™

Zogics, a global leader in the health, fitness, and facility supply industry, announced today its acquisition of Clean Holdings, a manufacturer of cleaning and disinfecting dispensers and accessories.

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How to Clean Gym Equipment

An overlooked element of fitness centers is their cleanliness. Gym owners and managers can attract new clients with new machines, group fitness classes, and low membership rates. But the condition of the gym vital. Current and prospective gym...

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Top Reasons Why Gyms Fail

Fitness clubs are not all created or operated equally. Some feature top of the line fitness equipment. Others are located in busy city centers with many prospective members. Certain gyms are staffed with true fitness gurus who love their jobs....

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National Heart Month: Top Facility Equipment and Gym Products

National Heart Month is the perfect time to evaluate your facility’s preparedness. You can also help your members achieve their health goals by promoting proactive heart health.

Zogics has everything for fitness professionals to keep their...

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The Best Ways To Make Your Gym Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, everyone is going green. Households and businesses are both adopting green practices. If your gym is not green, it is time to make the transition. An eco-friendly gym provides many benefits. Explore how to create an eco-friendly gym...

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How Gym Owners Can Save Money and Stop Member Churn

There are many ways gym owners and managers can save money. But how do they do it without decreasing the quality of services? Increase revenue and keep your members satisfied with machines, classes and the condition of the facility. Here is...

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