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The Dirty Truth

How Investing In “Clean” Increases Gym Profitability

Maintaining a clean gym is important. With hundreds of people utilizing the same fitness equipment and spaces on a daily basis, maintaining a clean facility is crucial to eliminating germs and...

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Boost Your Club Membership with Wellness Program Insights

To say health care in America is dynamic would be an understatement. All sorts of changes are regularly suggested and implemented. There is an ever-growing consumer demand for wellness. Health clubs that take the initiative to capitalize on this...

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10 Reasons Your Gym Business Has Become Stagnant

It happens to just about every health club at one point or another: business booms, new member enrollment is steady and all of a sudden people begin to cancel their memberships. The phone doesn't ring as often. Interest in new club memberships...

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Creating a Culture of Clean

Turning Members Into Cleaning Partners

It takes a village to keep a fitness facility clean. The pursuit of cleanliness doesn’t stop at a few cleaning products or hiring a cleaning service. It takes a supportive staff and most importantly,...

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Zogics Celebrates 10 Years!

Over the past 10 years, Zogics has become one of the nation’s largest suppliers of products to the health and fitness industry. This year, we're celebrating our ten year anniversary with the purchase of a new headquarters in Lenox, Massachusetts...

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Gym Profit Centers: How To Make The Numbers Work

A longstanding staple of Non-Dues Revenue (NDR) for gyms has been service-based profit centers: personal training, massage, and nutrition counseling. But true differentiation in a hyper-competitive market now requires that fitness operators...

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Boost Member Experience with Locker Room Amenities

When it comes to retaining gym members, it is the small stuff that often matters the most. If your locker room is in poor shape, lacking in amenities or uncomfortable, your members won't be inclined to renew their membership. Furthermore, they...

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5 Tips for Picking a Yoga Studio

No two yoga studios are the same. Though some yoga studios might look somewhat similar, each has its own unique feel, aesthetics, qualities and other nuanced features. Certain yoga studio elements add to the space's functionality. Other features...

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Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Gym

Nowadays, just about everyone is going green. From households to businesses, governmental organizations and beyond, the adoption of green practices is seemingly ubiquitous. If your gym is not green, it is time to make the transition. An...

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Create the Ultimate Gym

If you own or manage a gym, you likely understand that the quest to perfect the facility is never-ending. There is always something to add or improve. The challenge of creating the ultimate gym is made easier if you take advantage of wholesale ...

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