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Boost Member Experience with Locker Room Amenities

When it comes to retaining gym members, it is the small stuff that often matters the most. If your locker room is in poor shape, lacking in amenities or uncomfortable, your members won't be inclined to renew their membership. Furthermore, they...

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5 Tips for Picking a Yoga Studio

No two yoga studios are the same. Though some yoga studios might look somewhat similar, each has its own unique feel, aesthetics, qualities and other nuanced features. Certain yoga studio elements add to the space's functionality. Other features...

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Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Gym

Nowadays, just about everyone is going green. From households to businesses, governmental organizations and beyond, the adoption of green practices is seemingly ubiquitous. If your gym is not green, it is time to make the transition. An...

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Create the Ultimate Gym

If you own or manage a gym, you likely understand that the quest to perfect the facility is never-ending. There is always something to add or improve. The challenge of creating the ultimate gym is made easier if you take advantage of wholesale ...

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Upgrade your Gym

Every gym requires upgrades as time progresses. Improvements to your fitness facility have the potential to make the difference between growing your member base (and subsequently your profit margin) and stagnating or even losing members....

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Integrating Exercise Trends into your Gym

Gym owners and managers who pay close attention to fitness trends have the chance to incorporate these new forms of exercise into their fitness facility. Incorporating a trendy exercise class, new equipment or style of instruction will convince...

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Saving Money For Your Facility

There are plenty of ways for fitness facility owners and managers to save money without decreasing the quality of services. You can make plenty of money as a gym owner while keeping your members satisfied with machines, classes and the condition...

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Appealing to Health-Focused Millennials

Millennials are the fastest growing age cohort in the United States. These youngsters are shaping the cultural fabric of our society. They are easing their way into the workforce and earning an ever-growing portion of the economic pie. This is...

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How to Build a Company Gym (And Why You Would Want To)

If you ask a handful of CEOs to describe the health of their company, they’ll most likely answer in numbers and charts, and dollars and cents. While you won’t catch me ignoring these valuable metrics, I believe that the wellbeing of my company...

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Benefits of Fitness Equipment Leasing

Gym owners and managers across the world are quickly warming up to the benefits of fitness equipment leasing. Leasing your facility's fitness equipment makes sense for your budget as well as your clientele. Let's take a look at why more and more...

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