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Integrating Exercise Trends into your Gym

Gym owners and managers who pay close attention to fitness trends have the chance to incorporate these new forms of exercise into their fitness facility. Incorporating a trendy exercise class, new equipment or style of instruction will convince...

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Saving Money For Your Facility

There are plenty of ways for fitness facility owners and managers to save money without decreasing the quality of services. You can make plenty of money as a gym owner while keeping your members satisfied with machines, classes and the condition...

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Appealing to Health-Focused Millennials

Millennials are the fastest growing age cohort in the United States. These youngsters are shaping the cultural fabric of our society. They are easing their way into the workforce and earning an ever-growing portion of the economic pie. This is...

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How to Build a Company Gym (And Why You Would Want To)

If you ask a handful of CEOs to describe the health of their company, they’ll most likely answer in numbers and charts, and dollars and cents. While you won’t catch me ignoring these valuable metrics, I believe that the wellbeing of my company...

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Benefits of Fitness Equipment Leasing

Gym owners and managers across the world are quickly warming up to the benefits of fitness equipment leasing. Leasing your facility's fitness equipment makes sense for your budget as well as your clientele. Let's take a look at why more and more...

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A How-To Guide For Starting a New Gym

If you are thinking about starting your own gym, the planning process will prove critical to your venture's success. The global health club industry pulls in over $81 billion each year. Gyms in America make more than $25 billion a year. The...

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5 Biggest Reasons Why Gym Members Quit

Every type of fitness club will eventually lose some members as time progresses. You can have all the latest and greatest exercise machines, cutting edge fitness classes and savvy instructors and still lose a member from time to time. Such...

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Top Reasons Why Gyms Fail

Fitness clubs are not all created or operated equally. Some feature top of the line fitness equipment. Others are positioned in busy city centers with an abundance of prospective customers. Certain gyms are staffed with true fitness gurus who...

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Ditch the February Dip

According to a two year study of Facebook data by the Wall St Journal, check-ins on Facebook to facilities with "gym" or "fitness" in the name drop 10% in February. The decline can start as early as the third week in January. This dip comes...

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Where Does Dirt Hide in Your Facility?

The good news: 2 out of 3 health club members report they have never been to a club they perceived as unclean and 84% view their current club as clean.

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