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Zogics Named Most Pet Friendly Company of 2018

Our second annual list of pet-friendly companies—created in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day®—includes breweries, dating services and more!

While we celebrate the event each year at our Tewksbury, MA offices—complete with dog grooming...

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Zogics Pet? Yes, you heard right!

You Can Say Our Dogs Made Us Do It

As many of you know, we love our office dogs (pssst, we were just named one of America’s Most Pet-Friendly Companies!). They keep us company as we work, sit with us in meetings and join us for midday strolls...

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The Beginning of the End for Those Tiny Shampoo Bottles


Hotels switch to wall-mounted dispensers to save money and plastic, but risk the wrath of travelers used to their routines

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Bathtime Buddies: Zogics Launches A Line For Our Best Friends

Paul LeBlanc is the founder and CEO of Zogics, a Lenox, Massachusetts-based one-stop online shop that caters to the health, fitness, spa and hospitality industries (offering everything from gym wipes to weight benches). But he’s not the only...

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5 Ways To Switch Up Your Group Exercise Offerings

Let's face it: while group exercise has many benefits such as allowing your facility to stand out in the crowd as well as serving as a revenue source, the reality is that it's hard to keep members engaged with it. It's one thing to attract new...

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Enhancing Locker Rooms to Boost Retention and Acquisition

There is nothing more important to your members than the experience they have in your locker rooms. You might have the most advanced fitness equipment in the world but if you have less than average locker rooms you are more likely to lose a lot...

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Bacteria Breakdown: Germs at the Gym

You'd be surprised to learn how many germs are on your favorite pieces of equipment at the gym.

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What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A seemingly healthy person shouldn't fall to the ground from heart disease, yet every now and then, sudden cardiac arrest strikes a healthy individual with potentially fatal results. The Cleveland Clinic reports sudden cardiac death strikes...

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Who is at Risk for Cardiac Arrest?

Cardiac arrest can strike anyone regardless of their age, gender, level of physical activity or other factors. However, some people are more likely to endure a cardiac arrest than others. Sudden cardiac arrest is best defined as the rapid and...

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Prepare Your Gym for a Cardiac Arrest Emergency

A cardiac arrest emergency can happen in any gym or anywhere at any time. A gym member, staff member or visitor is much more likely to endure cardiac arrest when exercising or in the aftermath of a grueling workout session than when resting at...

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