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Employee Spotlight: Zach McCann's Customer Service Journey

Introducing Zach McCann, one of the dedicated members of our Customer Service team here at Zogics. Zach has been with us for two years, adding his unique perspective and unwavering commitment to making sure our customers have a seamless experience. In this Employee Spotlight, we delve into Zach's journey, his passion for our mission, and a few personal tidbits that make him an invaluable part of the Zogics family.

Get to know Zach and the essential role he plays in promoting clean and safe facilities through his exceptional customer service.

Meet Zach: The Customer Service Maestro

Q. Can you briefly introduce yourself and describe your role at Zogics? How long have you been with the company?

A. Hi 🙂 I’m Zach from our Customer Support Team and I’ve been with Zogics for 2 years. I’d actually describe my role with a quote from the TV show Shameless (not an endorsement):

“Sometimes things happen, and we have to anticipate that they might.”

It’s not my favorite show, or a show I even like, but I like the quote.

Ordering, delivery, and real life are less than perfect, so I’m here to smooth over the single-digit percentage of time that customers need help or questions answered. That’s the chief responsibility, but the role entails sales, account onboarding, relationship management, and order processing aspects as well.


My Zogics Journey: Why I Chose This Path

Q. What inspired you to join Zogics?

A. What brought me to Zogics was that I was looking for an opening that was a good fit for a core skill I already had (customer service in this case), but also appeared to be fresh enough that I could experience something new and really focus on what I wanted out of my work life.

The customers have largely been responsive to our customer-service-oriented ethos and therefore provide a pleasant experience for their part in the customer-business relationship.


My Personal Connection to Zogics' Mission

Q. How do you personally connect with Zogics' mission of promoting clean and safe facilities?

A. I worked for the YMCA for over 5 years, and I can appreciate the promotion of clean & safe facilities. The gym is an important part of my life, and it’s easy to get onboard with our mission and product lineup when it’s directly tied to that.


Zogics Citrus Aloe Body CareMy Go-To Zogics Product

Q. Of all the Zogics products, which one do you swear by and why?

A. The Citrus + Aloe Bath & Body lineup. I mainly use our hand soap. It feels great, it’s dye-free, and has a modest scent. Chef’s Kiss.


BTS: A Glimpse of Zogics' Lighter Side

Q. Can you share a memorable or funny behind-the-scenes moment that happened at Zogics?

A. We did have a couple of happy hour meetings where we played a game that was a cross between Pictionary and telephone - essentially you take one person’s unskilled drawing and then pass it through several people and end up with…something wildly different.


Team Spirit: The Zogics Family Bond

Q. What do you love most about being part of the Zogics family?

A. That there is mutual respect in every single direction, especially when we need to work across departments (which is all day, any day).



Zach, third from the left, participated in Elmira Community Cycle's monthly Moon Ride.
ECC is a budding nonprofit where you can rehabilitate a bike and “adopt” it, or adopt a finished bike in exchange for a minimum donation.

Beyond the Desk: My World Outside Zogics

Q. Outside of work, any hobbies or activities you're passionate about?

A. Running, lifting weights, cooking, computers, video games, and bug identification (especially spiders - Argiope Aurantia, the “Yellow Garden Spider”, is my favorite).


Zach's snap of a Yellow Garden Spider


Anticipating Tomorrow: Zogics' Bright Future Ahead

Q. What exciting things do you foresee for Zogics in the upcoming year?

A. I'm excited to see us continue to grow our customer relationships and be a part of that growth. With so many opportunities and projects we're working on, the cool thing is that anything can happen in the upcoming year—and I like surprises.


Growth Chronicles: My Evolution at Zogics

Q. How has working at Zogics impacted your personal or professional growth?

A. Personally, because it has been so positive, I have had the energy to explore my hobbies and interests more than in the past and that value cannot be understated. Feeling fine and not drained by the time 5pm hits means I feel up to my personal projects, my running, and other hobbies after work and on the weekends.

Professionally, I’ve strengthened my customer service background, gotten to use some of my skills from previous employers (hello excel), and learned more about the ecommerce sector.

Zach's journey at Zogics is a testament to the importance of finding the right fit in a professional setting. His dedication to customer service, combined with his personal connection to our mission, makes him an invaluable member of our team. Beyond his professional contributions, Zach's diverse range of hobbies and passions remind us of the importance of work-life balance and the joy of continuous learning. As we look forward to the future of Zogics, we're grateful to have team members like Zach who are not only excited about our growth but are integral to it. Stay tuned for more spotlights on the incredible individuals who make Zogics the thriving community it is.

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