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Gym vs. Outdoor Training

If you’ve spent the entire winter working out in the gym, and you’re thinking about switching things up a bit with some outdoor training, here’s what you should know. Every location offers a lot of benefits, but they both have some downsides to...

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Developing Your Best Workout Routine

If you aren't exactly sure as to what constitutes the best workout in the gym, you are not alone. The truth is that most people engage in somewhat random exercises because they have not taken the time to figure out exactly what the best workout...

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Safe & Easy Post-Injury Exercises

Returning to physical activity following an injury is quite the challenge. If you go too hard, you run the risk of re-injuring the body site that was previously strained, hyperextended, broken or harmed in another manner. Yet you don't want to...

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How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

If you were to poll gym rats, personal trainers and those who participate in organized sports about exercise frequency, most would testify that working out several times per week is necessary for optimal physical health. However, working out...

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Easy Ways to Build Core Strength

The core is a common “problem spot” for people of all ages. If you don't have a flat stomach, don't feel bad! Most people don't have a six-pack. In fact, the majority of people have a considerable amount of fat along their stomach and hips....

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Best Items For High-Intensity Fitness Programming

If you were to poll your fitness facility's members to find out why they joined and/or why they stay, you would likely receive quite the diverse group of answers. Some sign up for a membership because they want to lose weight. Others are looking...

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Workout Recovery: Don't Cheat On Your Rest and Recovery Day

If you exercise on a regular basis, it is important to give your body some time off to recover. The human body can take only so much physical activity. If you go hard during your workouts without sufficient time off, you will inevitably endure...

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SKLZ Performance Training Equipment Guide

SKLZ Performance training equipment and training systems help hardcore athletes as well as everyday people improve their flexibility, strength, coordination and athletic ability. The company's elite training equipment and gear really does propel...

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How to Hire a Personal Trainer

Ally with a personal trainer and you will be on the fast track to a slim and toned body. However, you need to find perfect personal trainer for your unique personality and fitness goals. Personal trainers are not all created equal. Some are...

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Best Post-Workout Meals

Those who fail to replenish their body with the proper sustenance following exercise won't be able to repair muscle tissue in the appropriate manner. As a result, new muscle won't grow. Don't do this to yourself! Load up with nutritious...

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