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10 Exercises with SPRI Fitness Equipment

June 06, 2018 By Zogics


SPRI is a pioneer in rubberized training with decades of expertise in resistance strength training, toning and building lean muscle tissue. Take a look at some of our favorite exercises that use a variety of fitness products from SPRI.

1. Seated Rotational Slams



What you need: SPRI Slam Ball

2. Cross Band Lateral Walks



What you need: SPRI Superband

3. Straight Arm Sit Ups



What you need: SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

4. Upper Back & Shoulder Roll



What you need: SPRI High Density Foam Roller

5. Shoot Through with Parallettes



What you need: SPRI Parallettes

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6. Hamstring Roll



What you need: SPRI Elite Xercise Ball

7. Half Roll Back



What you need: SPRI Sponge Ball

8. Lunge to Arm Curls



What you need: SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

9. Upper Cuts with Conditioning Rope



What you need: SPRI Premium Covered Training Rope

10. Upright Row



What you need: SPRI Braided Xertube

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