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Benefits of Interval Training


If you are looking for a way to lose weight, get in shape or stay in shape, interval training is the answer. This breakthrough method of exercise has become incredibly popular for a number of reasons. It doesn't take much time, doesn't require the participant to go all out for lengthy sessions and produces amazing results. Let's take a closer look at interval training and the specifics of its wide-ranging benefits.


An Explanation of Interval Training

Interval training is the combination of rapid bursts of intense exercise with brief breaks for relaxation and recuperation. These recovery periods still involve activity yet it is low or moderate in nature. As an example, an individual who engages in interval training might sprint for a quarter of a mile, walk for a quarter of a mile, sprint for the next quarter mile and take another quarter mile to walk at a comfortable pace. The heart rate is elevated while sprinting and lowered during recovery periods interspersed between the intense periods of exercise.


Interval Training Spurs Weight Loss

Incorporate interval training in your fitness regimen and you will enjoy all sorts of benefits. Chief amongst them is weight loss. The key is to engage in vigorous exercise in between those recovery periods. Such intense exercise will help you burn an abundance of calories. The beauty of exercising in such a manner is that it is unnecessary to exercise in a vigorous manner for an extended period of time.

You can lose plenty of weight if you engage in short bursts of vigorous activity several times per week. In fact, studies show a mere 15 minutes of interval training at a high intensity burns more calories than spending an hour jogging on a treadmill.

Interval Training Enhances the Metabolism

According to the American College of Sports and Medicine, interval training at a high intensity allows the body to consume more oxygen than is consumed in a traditional workout. The abundance of oxygen consumed during interval training helps boost the metabolic rate from around 90 minutes to about 145 minutes after a full session of interval training. This increase in metabolism helps the body burn calories at an incredibly fast rate. In fact, the body continues to burn calories and fat in the 24 hours following the workout. This occurs due to the fact that interval training at a high intensity sends the human body's repair cycle into overdrive.


A Basic Workout Machine Will Suffice for Interval Training

You do not need extremely specialized equipment or special skills to enjoy the benefits of interval training. Load up on wholesale rowing machines and interval training will prove quite easy. A wholesale treadmill purchase gives you the opportunity to partake in fun, interesting and rewarding interval training exercises.


Interval Training Conserves Your Time

You won't have to spend nearly as much time exercising if you engage in interval training. There is no sense investing hour after hour each week in building your body when you can obtain the same results through interval training. This unique style of training requires minimal time commitment compared to traditional exercises. Yet it produces the same or better results in terms of calories burned and stamina boosts.


Interval Training Isn't nearly as Boring as Other Forms of Exercise

This form of exercise is surprisingly interesting. If you are like most people, you are tired of performing the same old workouts over and over again. After all, it is no fun running mile after mile without a break. Vary the intensity of your workout with interval training and it will feel more dynamic. The exercise session will pass by much quicker than you are used to.

Interval Training Teaches Your Body to Make Efficient Use of Energy

Interval training involves a system of intense exercises followed by recovery intervals that teach the body how to use energy in the most efficient manner possible. This style of exercise also eliminates toxic wastes from the body's muscles during the recovery intervals. The alternation between intense exercise and moderate exercise even helps you breathe in a more effective manner.


Interval Training Improves Endurance

Adhere to a regular regimen of interval training and it will gradually improve your endurance. This form of exercise adapts to the body's cellular structure of muscles that heightens endurance in any sort of exercise. The Journal of Physiology published a study in which individuals engaged in interval training for eight weeks. The results of the study showed these participants doubled the amount of time they could ride a bike while maintaining the same pace.

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