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Power Plate Exercises


Power Plate exercises put the body through an intense workout that produces legitimate results. This exercise takes little time yet it dramatically bolsters the body. If you are short on time or simply don't want to spend much time exercising, look no further than Power Plate exercises for your workout.

What Power Plate Exercises are all About

Give a Power Plate machine a try and you will find its vibrations really do stimulate your muscles. This stimulation forces the muscles to contract and subsequently relax. Stand on the Power Plate and the vibrations will spur an automatic reflex muscle contraction ranging between 30 and 50 per second.


The Efficiency of Power Plate Exercises

This workout is as efficient as it gets. Power Plate exercises work numerous muscle groups at once. There is no need to focus on one part of your body, move on to the next and so on. Rather, Power Plate exercises work out the entire body at the same time. In fact, some of those who swear by Power Plate exercises are adamant a mere 10 to 15 minutes will produce the same results as an entire hour of traditional exercise. You read that right. If you invest a mere 10 minutes in Power Plate exercises you will enjoy a comprehensive workout.

How to Start

Begin your Power Plate exercises in a gradual manner. Start out with a short period on the Power Plate to familiarize yourself with the activity. Gradually increase the frequency and duration as time progresses.

In general, beginners are encouraged to spend about 5 to 10 minutes engaging in Power Plate exercises. Once this amount of time passes, step away from the Power Plate and engage in some stretches. In terms of time devoted to each exercise, give about a minute to each.

Most beginners stand in nine unique positions for at least half a minute. You can opt for your preferred intensity of vibration stimulus by adjusting the control panel options. Beginners typically start with 30 vibrations per second and gradually increase to 50.October2017_Power_Plate_1.jpg

Power Plate Stretches

Using the Power Plate for stretching is a fantastic way to enhance your flexibility. Furthermore, stretching on the Power Plate provides a lovely massage to boot thanks to its vibrating technology.

The Nuances of Power Plate Exercises

The manner in which you stand is important to your success with Power Plate exercises. The stance you take must put some tension on your muscles. Otherwise, Power Plate exercises will prove ineffective. If you adopt the squat position, bend your knees and lean at the hips as though you are sitting on a chair. This way, you will gradually develop power, strength and muscle definition when engaging in Power Plate exercises.

Be sure to keep your knees bent throughout the duration of the exercises A slight bending of the knees prevents jarring at the joints. It will also help to drink water during and after your workout. Power Plate exercise force the muscles to contract upwards of five times faster than usual. This creates an abundance of internal heat that must be offset with water consumption.

Power Plate Squats and Other Stances Improve Athletic Performance


Squats are one of the most effective Power Plate exercises. They are especially important for those who strive to improve athletic performance. As an example, those who ski will find engaging in Power Plate exercise in the squat position for half a minute will work the quads in-depth. All you have to do is stand in the position you use when playing your preferred sport and let the Power Plate machine work its magic.

Most athletes will obtain considerable benefit from the Power Plate squat regardless of their sport. This exercise targets the glutes and quads. Here's how to do it. Begin by standing on the Power Plate. Align your feet with your shoulders. Hold a kettlebell with both hands. Squat down while pressing the kettlebell over your head. Reverse this movement and resume the starting position. This Power Plate exercise should take three to four minutes.

Power Plate Leg Extension

Stand on your left leg. Extend your right leg a couple inches up into the air. Lower it but don't put it down. Hold this position and repeat. Switch legs every half-minute. Perform for four minutes.


Power Plate V-Sit Crunch

This Power Plate exercise targets the triceps and abs. Lie down on the plate so your hips are in the middle. Hold a medicine ball above your chest. Extend your legs outward. Lift your upper body to engage your abs. Continue to hold the medicine ball while performing a crunch with the upper portion of your body. Shift the medicine ball to the right while it is in the air. Repeat on each side. This exercise should last three minutes.

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