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Zogics Expands with Amenie, a Platform for Hospitality and MedSpa Supplies

Zogics, experts in all things facility for nearly two decades, is proud to announce the launch of Amenie.com, its newest division that caters specifically to the hospitality and medical spa sectors.

Amenie MedSpa Supplies & EquipmentAmenie.com: Elevating Hospitality and MedSpa Experiences

Amenie.com offers a curated selection of high-quality hospitality and MedSpa supplies, meticulously chosen to deliver the finest guest and client experiences. With a fresh, user-friendly website and informative content, Amenie.com is your source for improving your service offerings and exceeding guest satisfaction.

Meeting the Needs of Discerning Guests and Clients

Amenie offers a comprehensive selection of amenities, from luxurious linens and body care to cutting-edge MedSpa equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  Whether you run a boutique hotel, a high-end spa, or a wellness retreat, Amenie provides quality products from various categories that give each guest a memorable stay, exceeding their expectations.

Beyond Supplies: Tailored Solutions and Expertise

Amenie goes beyond hospitality supplies. To further enhance your property and your guests’ experience they also provide a suite of solutions and industry expertise to improve hospitality spaces, including:

  • Bespoke experiences: Amenie creates custom-branded amenities to promote your unique brand. They go beyond the basics to deliver an unmatched level of customization and quality in hospitality amenities. From exclusive product design to precise formulations, and from eco-friendly packaging to the final touch of luxury in our selection of amenities like bath and body care, robes, towels, and more, their comprehensive services are crafted to embody the essence of your brand.
  • Hospitality retail operations consultation services: with over 30 years of expertise in improving retail experiences at luxury resorts and spas, Amenie’s seasoned consultants can help optimize your resort and spa's retail spaces with proven expertise to increase profits.

Amenie Hospitality Amenities, Supplies Equipment

Building on Zogics' Legacy of Excellence

As part of the Zogics family, Amenie leverages a strong commitment to quality and innovation. Zogics' established brands, including Ardent Fitness, The Cleaning Station, Zogics Pet, and NSpire Filters, represent trusted names in fitness equipment, cleaning solutions, pet care products, and air filtration technology. Amenie seamlessly integrates this expertise into the hospitality and MedSpa industry.

Sustainability: A Shared Value

Aligned with the full family of brands’ commitment to sustainability, Amenie offers eco-friendly and responsible products, catering to the growing consumer demand for ethical consumption.

Amenie Bath and BodyDiscover Amenie.com

Visit Amenie.com to explore how their curated selection and expertise can elevate your hospitality and MedSpa experience, and get ready to reimagine the art of hospitality.


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