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Employee Spotlight: Brianna Carter, SEO Manager

Meet Brianna Carter, our distinguished SEO Manager with five years of dedicated service. With a proven track record, Brianna is committed to enhancing our digital presence and propelling our mission forward by driving organic traffic.

In this Employee Spotlight, we uncover Brianna's journey, revealing her dedication to amplifying our brand's visibility online. Discover the person behind the title as we explore Brianna's passion for our mission and the unique insights she brings to our team.

Learn more about Brianna's pivotal role in advancing our mission of fostering clean and safe environments through her exceptional SEO skills and dedication to excellence.

Meet Brianna: The Maestro of SEO Optimization & Growth

Q: Can you briefly introduce yourself and describe your role at Zogics? How long have you been with the company?

A: Hi! 🙂 I’m Brianna from our e-commerce team, and I’ve been with Zogics for almost five years. In easy terms, I am responsible for making our products visible (rank) on Google. 


My Zogics Journey: Why I Chose This Path

Q: What inspired you to join Zogics?

A: I was in search of a different work atmosphere when I interviewed at Zogics, looking for team spirit and shared goals similar to what I experienced in college bowling. In that environment, we were a team, united by common objectives, and we worked hard to achieve our goals. I was unsure about finding such a dynamic in a professional setting. However, my interview at Zogics turned out to be the most interesting one I've ever had.

Jeff, our Chief Revenue Officer, and Paul, our CEO, were both present. Our conversation took a turn when we touched upon my bowling career, sparking Jeff's interest. As I responded to Paul's questions, Jeff unexpectedly pulled up a college bowling video of me and began questioning and analyzing my performance. Leaving the interview that day, I felt a surge of excitement and eagerness to join the company. It was clear to me that Zogics was far from ordinary; they were seeking to build a team of individuals who were more than just contributors to the workload.


My Connection to Zogics' Mission

Q: How do you personally connect with Zogics' mission of promoting clean and safe facilities?

A: To put it simply, I enjoy helping people, and that's what we do at Zogics. I take pride in knowing that our customers receive quality products that help keep their facilities operating at peak efficiency. Since the onset of COVID-19, I've come to realize how important it is to provide our products and the value we offer to our customers.


Zogics Antibacterial Wipes Z800

My Go-To Zogics Product

Q: Of all the Zogics products, which one do you swear by and why?

A: Zogics Antibacterial wipes are my go-to. Having three kids makes cleaning and disinfecting essential, especially during flu season.


BTS: A Glimpse of Zogics' Lighter Side

Q: Can you share a memorable or funny behind-the-scenes moment that happened at Zogics?

A: It’s hard to just choose one but I’d have to say the time we decided to dress like our CEO without him knowing. Everyone had a great laugh and he was a great sport about it. 

Team Spirit: The Zogics Family Bond

Q: What do you love most about being part of the Zogics family?

A: I love how close-knit our team is. It truly is a joy to work with the people I work with.


Beyond the Desk: My World Outside Zogics

Q: Outside of work, are there any hobbies or activities you're passionate about?

A: I enjoy spending time with my family. We have three kids, and we love to go on adventures, whether it's day trips to zoos or overnight stays at water parks—we love making memories. Also, I'm passionate about bowling. I bowled in Division 1 in college and have been bowling since I was two. My kids are now getting into it, and I love teaching them something that has given me so much in life.


Anticipating Tomorrow: Zogics' Bright Future Ahead

Q: What exciting things do you foresee for Zogics this year?

A: I'm eager to see the paths our new projects will carve out for us. Being involved in a start-up project and witnessing its evolution from start to finish is a great opportunity.


Growth Chronicles: My Evolution at Zogics

Q: How has working at Zogics impacted your personal or professional growth?

A: Working at Zogics has allowed me new opportunities in areas that have interested me. It has enabled me to gain experience in e-commerce/marketing niche areas, which I otherwise might not have had the chance to explore. This experience has facilitated my professional growth, allowing me to enhance my skills and accomplishments. I am thankful to Jeff for allowing me to learn more about my areas of interest and for listening to my goals.



As we eagerly look ahead to Zogics' future, we acknowledge the invaluable contributions of teammates like Brianna. Her unwavering commitment to our growth aligns perfectly with her essential role in moving the brand forward.

Keep an eye out for upcoming spotlights featuring remarkable individuals who are instrumental in shaping Zogics into the thriving community it has become.

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