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Celebrating Our Own Jeff Stripp: Cheers to Ten Years!

Countless problems solved, customers helped, and processes improved...these are but a few of the contributions our Chief Revenue Officer, Jeff Stripp, has brought to Zogics over the last ten years that he's been with the company.

This month, we celebrate Jeff's career milestone and take a look back at so many fun times that we've had with Jeff over the years. There has been a kaleidoscope of memories, from team cookouts to team retreats (with a cooking competition thrown in for good measure- are you sensing a theme?) to working the trade show circuit and watching the company change and grow into what we are today under Jeff's guidance, knowledge and wisdom. 

feb23-Jeff-ten-yearsThank you, Jeff, for all you've done for Zogics! We appreciate your deep knowledge in all areas of the business. In addition to rocking it as our Chief Revenue Officer, you're also our resident Paid Search expert, IT stack developer (and way more often, troubleshooter), SEO guru, sales and service champion, and so many other tasks that have all added to our tremendous growth and achievements as a company over the last ten years.

Through our peer-to-peer recognition tool, 15Five, it's easy to see just how we all appreciate Jeff!

feb23-Jeff-15fiveWe look forward to your continued leadership, humor, and affinity for food- and drink-related excursions!


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