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The 7 Benefits of a Company Retreat


We thought now would be a good time to reflect on the reasons why Zogics believes in the benefits of an annual retreat. In fact we believe a company retreat provides a laundry list of benefits. Let's take a look at some of the best reasons to embark on a company retreat.

This post is written while we are on our annual retreat at Galusha Hill Farm Lodge in Topsham, VT. 


A Chance to Reflect

Everyone needs time to reflect. Unfortunately, life is so busy that many either run out of time to reflect or neglect it. Reflection is necessary to understand past performance and improve across posterity. An employee who does not reflect has little chance for improvement. So give your team a chance to get away from their workplace responsibilities with a company retreat. This escape will provide your group with a chance to look back on what happened in the previous weeks and months. They will consider ways to improve and turn their weaknesses into strengths.


Bring Your Employees Closer Together With a Company Retreat

Most workdays are so hectic that employees do not have enough time to bond with one another. A company retreat is an opportunity to bring your group closer together. This event will forge strong bonds that improve communication and teamwork in the workplace.

A company retreat is particularly important for those who do not regularly interact with those outside of their department. Let these employees interact with each other during a retreat and they will better understand one another's perspective, background, interests and role within the workplace. This improved understanding will galvanize your employees to strive toward a shared goal.

Stress Reduction

It is no secret that the contemporary workplace is quite stressful. Hours are long, commutes are busy and people are more pressed for time than ever before. If you suspect your group is stressed out, give a company retreat a chance. This is the prefect way to get your employees out of the office and away from the pressures of work. Your group needs to spend time interacting with one another in a context outside of work. A retreat is an important time away from screens, phones and other electronics. Your group will feel quite refreshed once the retreat wraps up. This period of relaxation will propel them to go that much harder once they return to work.


Boost Morale

Modern day workers are looking for more than a paycheck. They yearn to be a part of a team that means something to them. If your group has low morale, employees are likely unhappy to the extent they will consider looking for new opportunities outside of your organization. Take some time to improve morale with a company retreat. A retreat gives your team a chance to come together, learn more about one another and ultimately be more supportive of the group. Furthermore, a corporate retreat shows your team you really care about them. The ensuing spike in morale will enhance workplace performance and subsequently bolster your company's bottom line.

Settle Conflicts

There are bound to be disagreements and conflicts within the workplace. Many of these tiffs last beyond a day or two. Some linger for weeks, months or even years. Put an end to these harmful grudges with a retreat. A shared experience outside of the workplace gives your team the chance to work out disagreements. In many instances, those who have not gotten along in the office end up enjoying a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship following a company retreat. This is the opportunity your group needs to enjoy quality time with one another, beak down barriers and finally resolve those divisive conflicts.


Identify Your Team's Hidden Talents

A retreat gives your group the opportunity to learn more about one another. Retreats involve numerous activities as well as a considerable amount of unstructured time. You will find out a lot of interesting tidbits about your group during this experience. Perhaps one of your accountants is a skilled guitarist. Maybe an administrative assistant is a fantastic cook. You might even find out an executive has an amazing singing voice. Finding out these bits of information ultimately brings your group closer together.

A Brief Vacation Benefits Everyone

Think of your company retreat as a miniature vacation. It is an opportunity to engage one another in conversation, enjoy group activities that aren't work-related and spend time outside of the office. The 9 to 5 grind is quite grueling. Everyone will enjoy a short period of time away from the work cycle. Try to incorporate outdoor activities so your team can enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the sunlight and reconnect with nature. This time away from the office will refresh your team's batteries and make them that much more productive when they return to work.

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