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How To Boost Gym Profits With the Latest Fitness Brands

Power Plate

Does your gym offer the latest and greatest fitness equipment? Not only does new equipment help you win over new members, but it will help you keep the members you have. Check out these trendy pieces of fitness equipment that will give your gym a leg up. 


1. Normatec

Normatec is a groundbreaking revolutionary tool. It is recommended for athletes and fitness clinics because it aids in muscle rejuvenation. Whether it is recovery for their arms, legs, or hips, Normatec will make sure your members stay in the best condition. 

Bring your members back to the gym for a modern muscle recovery session. 




2. Kamagon

The Kamagon Ball is a unique core stability product. It is filled with water to adjust the weight creating "hydro inertia." This inertia recruits a greater number of muscle fibers when performing the most basic to advanced exercises. You can use the Kamagon Ball like a kettlebell, medicine ball, dumbbell or weight plate.

The Kamagon Ball
is the perfect way to break your members' plateaus and routine boredom



3. BOSU Elite Balance Trainer

The BOSU Elite is thicker, firmer, and provides more stability than the standard BOSU. It is a perfect addition to your gym or group training during high impact movements. Each BOSU Elite includes the 'Power Line.' This alignment guide helps users stay in the best and proper positioning for their workout.

Bring the professional and beefed up BOSU Elite to your balance training workouts.



4. Power Plate

Power Plate is the global leader in whole body vibration technology. It features columnless designs and integrated touchscreens as well as thousands of exercise videos and coaching tips. Your members can achieve functional training results in half the time of traditional programs.

Keep things fresh for your members by incorporating Power Plate into your group exercise offerings



5. RMT Club Functional Trainer

The RMT Club improves functional strength, rotational power, mobility, coordination, core strength, conditioning, and balance. A favorite among baseball, tennis and gold players, the RMT Club incorporates a durable, flexible club head, a fixed reinforced handle, and internal shifting weight. Even if your members play golf outside, they're going to want to come back to the gym to keep working on their rotational mobility. 

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