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6 Benefits of Barre Workouts

Benefits Workout

If you are on the prowl for an exciting, new way to shed weight and tone your muscles, the Bar Method is for you! This exercise program helps you build lean muscle that doesn't feel bulky or burdensome, while leaving you toned, flexible and feeling much more balanced. There are several reasons why the Barre Method is a great workout.

No Experience is Required for Barre Exercise Classes

Barre is designed around the fundamentals of dance yet you don't have to be a dancer to reap the program's benefits. Even if you have no rhythm, you will still be able to tone your muscles. Each Barre program shares the same basic foundation and steps which impact the whole body: beginning with a warm-up session on a soft gym workout mat, evolving into push-ups, planks, and a number of arm exercises, followed by a lower body routine to work the glutes and thighs, and finally, ending with a combination of core moves. 

Choose Your Own Accessories (Or Don't!)

These moves are all performed with a shifting of body weight so they can be done without the presence of an accessory. However, many choose to add hand-held light weights that usually weigh a few pounds or less. Others use resistance bands to increase the challenge. Some find that lower body exercises are best performed with a soft exercise ball. And others choose not to use anything at all- you can take it at your own pace.

Tiny Movements Really Do Help You Get Stronger

Instead of trying to execute difficult compound movements, Barre Method requires that you perform very small isometric movements. Many of these moves are a mere one inch in length. Barre fitness class instructors really do tell participants to move up and down a single inch at a time. These isometric exercises are an excellent way to maintain muscle strength. They also help to isolate specific muscles that are often neglected with other, more conventional workouts.

Enhanced Body Function

You will love the uber-small movements of your Barre class. These isometric exercises actually help you increase your mind-body awareness. Think of Barre as the total opposite of a high-impact workout. It helps you tap into those underused muscles, helping you enhance your body control as well as your muscular activation.

Barre Exercises Can Help You Lose Weight

Combine Barre fitness classes with a healthy diet and you will stand a good chance at losing weight. Those who figure out which of the classes' exercises are the best for their goals will obtain the most benefit- some even see changes and improvements occur in a month or less. Weight loss is typically reported by many while others require a few months of Barre Fitness training. Results will vary by body type, fitness level and work ethic.

Barre Workouts Are Fun and Motivational

Give these classes a shot and you will realize just how much fun they really are. There's no doubt you'll feel motivated to return for more. As a benefit of group training, it's a non-stressful way to get a good workout with others right by your side to help and encourage you along the way. 

Once you go Barre, you never go back! Whether new to exercising or a fitness aficianado, the benefits of Barre are plentiful for all- all you need is a barre set to get started. If your gym or fitness studio currently doesn't have one, urge them to purchase this space-saving equipment and introduce them to the benefits of Barre Method!


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