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7 Benefits of Using Social Media for Health Clubs

Zogics_Blog_July_2016_7_Benefits_Using_SocialMedia_Health_Clubs.jpgIs social media right for your gym? Here are some benefits to getting your health club connected. As a health club owner, your to do list may seem never-ending. Among “hire new trainer” and “increase membership”, somewhere at the bottom of that list, you have: “figure out social media!”.  For weeks, maybe months, you’ve been ignoring what seems to be a daunting task: social media for your gym. Don’t put it off any longer-here’s how social media can benefit your fitness club:

1. Inspire
Whether a seasoned gym go-er or a fitness newbie, everyone needs a little motivation. Use Twitter for your health club to tweet positive messages to keep members coming back and new clients excited to join the healthy lifestyle!

2. Content, content, content!  
Be seen as the expert in your field! Use social media to empower your gym members with knowledge- share some fitness tips, or new health trends with your members.

3. Be Accessible
Did you know that many new members are deterred by hostile gym environments? The gym should be a welcoming community and your staff is where that starts. Use Facebook for your health club to introduce your fitness staff to gym members and create a space in which your followers can ask questions, post suggestions and engage directly with you and your staff.

4. Engage more
Want to do add a new fitness machine to your club? What do people think of the new pilates class? Ask your gym members! Social media can be a great way for health clubs to engage with clients and see what they think!

5. Get with the times
Let’s face it- the days of costly television and paper advertising are over. Online advertising is the new in-thing and for a good reason, too- almost 80% of people check their social media accounts at least once a day! What better way to promote your new fitness class or gym member rates than on social media?! And that’s not even the best part- not only are you reaching your member base, you’re reaching their friends, too!

6. Referrals: Now and Then
Amidst all the new trends and changes in the fitness industry, some things haven’t changed: referrals are still one of the largest contributors to health club membership growth. Member referrals are not always in-person but happen online, now. Let your social media accounts make the referral by allowing customers to rate and review your services online! Health clubs on Yelp with higher ratings online have higher rates of membership growth.

7. Connect
Your health club’s social media accounts allow you to not only network with an existing fan base, but with other businesses and organizations, too. Use Linkedin to connect your fitness club  with potential partners, investors, collaborators and community organizations.

8. To do: Social Media
By now, mastering social media for your fitness club should have moved to the top of your to do list. Whether you’re looking to form stronger relationships with your members, or introduce yourself to new networks, you are ready to delve deeper into how to use social media for your health club.

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