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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out


Sometimes, getting up from your bed seems like an impossible mission. You’ve laid your workout clothes on a chair, set an early alarm, but you’re just not psyched about the hard training session you’ve planned in the days before. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you’re not in the mood for a workout because it’s all right to skip it here and there or take more time to recover. However, before you think about completely giving up on it, think about whether you’re skipping it for a good reason or just because you’re, well, lazy. If you want to see some results, you have to show up at the gym and really do something, that’s why it’s called working out. Thus, you should find some effective ways for motivating and inspiring yourself to hop into your gym clothes. Here are some effective things you can do to get yourself going.



1. Remember that good feeling after

Finishing your last rep or a killer run on the treadmill gets your endorphins flowing, while you’re breathless, sweaty, and ready to hit the shower. It’s a moment when you feel incredibly good, so make sure you remember it. Cherish that moment because it can help you grab your gym backpack and head up to do some weightlifting.


2. Set attainable goals

If your workout goals are unrealistic, then you’ll often feel demotivated for exercising, and even feel guilty about it. Make your goals attainable and write them down because the probability that you’ll reach them will increase. This will make your goals more concrete and help you stay persistent. Focus on making short-term goals as they work best both for fitness gains and weight loss.


3. Make your workouts fit your mood

Why wouldn’t you base your workouts according to your mood? If you lack energy, do a relaxing training session, stretch, lift lighter, and do some common calisthenics exercises. If you’ve been inside in front of your computer all day, do an outdoor run or cardio, or perform a strength training session if you feel like a beast. This is a therapeutic experience that will keep you motivated and in a good mood.

4. Set deadlines

In order to avoid falling off the track, give yourself some deadlines to make yourself more accountable. They will work as action plans to keep you going until you succeed. Anything can serve as a deadline, like a simple 9-week challenge or an upcoming special event, to empower you to work harder, remain on track, and avoid cutting corners. Figure out what challenges you to keep moving and how your mind works, and start building your workout goals and agenda from there.


5. Work out with a beginner friend

Whenever you’re not hyped for a high-intension training, call a friend who’s somewhat less advanced than you. An easy jog or ride will be great as a break from your regular routine. You’ll eventually amp it up, once the adrenaline kicks in, which is again a win-win exercise, both for you and your friend.


6. Invest in quality gym clothes

Wearing proper workout apparel is probably more important than you think. If you train in your old basketball sneakers and a worn-out T-shirt that dates before 2008, you won’t feel comfortable. Quality gym wear adheres properly to your skin, allows you to maximize your movements, makes your workouts comfortable, and even makes you more self-confident.

7. Setbacks do happen

If you happen to drink a few beers more than usual, eat some pizza or miss a workout, don’t be foolish to let your guilt take over because you’ll eventually make it a bigger deal than it really is. Your previous work hasn’t gone to waste and you haven’t ruined your fitness plans. If you’ve fallen, then get up, see the problem, acknowledge it and keep going – that’s the only way to make breakthroughs.

For the end, remember that a soft couch is your enemy. The moment you get sucked into the bed or couch is what makes you feel like staying home, rather than heading to the gym. If you like to work out in the evening after work, then you’ll be somewhat tired and can easily happen that you just sit on the couch and not leave for a while. So, make sure to avoid locations that can distract you from getting up and going to the gym.

Luke Douglas is a fitness and health blogger at Ripped.me, and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows all the trends in fitness, gym and healthy living, and loves to share his knowledge in this field through useful and informative articles.


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