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8 Beers Under 100 Calories

Ever since I got a boat, I have become even more popular than I was before (if you can believe it.) Everyone wants to go out on the pontoon boat, especially in this heat. And who can blame them? I keep trying to get Paul to temporarily move Zogics' offices to the lake for a day or two, but I've yet to make that happen. I think he's just worried about feeling inadequate as his preferred means of acquatic transportation is a stand up paddle board. Let me put this in perspcetive for you:


how to stand up paddleboard



small pontoon boats

While the choice is clear, the pontoon boat does present a few problems. I'm getting way too much sun for one and I'm also getting way too much beer. I'm not really a beer drinker (I prefer appletinis) but everyone comes to the pontoon with a cooler or a six pack and it is starting to get to me.

To combat the problem, I've started making sure that the cooler has plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and I try to have some water after every alcoholic beverage. I've also started to look at some beer solutions that won't necessarily have me looking like Al Bundy by summer's end. Granted, none of these "lite" options are likely to win any taste tests next to your localy brewed, craft beers, but they are a good solution for those summer picnics and boat rides where an ice cold beer just can't be avoided.

healthy beer guide


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