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AED Defibrillator Resources

Please take some time to browse our collection of AED Defibrillator Resources, related websites and AED Defibrillator Links online that we visit often and readily share with others to use during their research about AEDs and/or creating an AED program. We are always available should you have any questions or would like any our thoughts on creating an AED program that meets your needs. Sudden cardiac arrest and other life-threatening emergencies can happen anywhere, even in your workplace. Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can greatly increase the victim’s chance of survival. Get in touch with us about Philips AEDs toll-free at (888) 623-0088.

AED - Manufacturers

Philips HealthCare | www.usa.philips.com
Philips HealthCare is the leader of the AED and defibrillator market, having hundreds of thousands of AEDs spread across the globe. Philips HealthCare creates the HeartStart AEDs, including the Philips HeartStart OnSite and the Philips HeartStart FRx. Philips is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer on the market and creates lifesaving devices we strongly recommend.

AEDs & Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Non-Profit Organizations

Starting Hearts Foundation | www.startinghearts.org/
Starting Hearts Foundation was created by Lynn Blake, a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest herself. Dedicated to improving the survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest and increasing AED access across the United States, Starting Hearts Foundation is a partner of AEDs Today.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation | www.sca-aware.org
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to saving lives worldwide via creating awareness and increasing AED access in schools, gyms, fitness centers, churches and other facilities.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition | www.stopcardiacarrest.org
The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest.

American Heart Association | www.heart.org
The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of Americans.

The American Red Cross | www.redcross.org
The American Red Cross is easily one of the most recognizable names of today. Champions of elevating the quality of life and health of millions, the American Red Cross is a strong supporter of improving AED access and survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest.

Resources Concerning AEDs and Cardiovascular Health

United States Department of Labor on AEDs | www.osha.gov
The United States Department of Labor is a passionate supporter of improving AED access and has created a number of great resources and statistics on their website.

National Heart and Lung Institute | www.nhlbi.nih.gov
A division of the United States Government, the National Heart and Lung Institute has created a number of informative and useful articles concerning AEDs and proper administration of an AED.

National Conference of State Legislation | www.ncsl.org
The National Conference of State Legislation has compiled all of the state laws on cardiac arrest and defibrillators in one easy-to-access place. Every owner of an AED is strongly advised to familiarize themselves with the laws of their local state.

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