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AED's making news and saving lives...AGAIN!

I know that I have written about this before, but darn it, these stories always get me. It's nice to see something you are promoting and selling actually being put into practice and saving a life. So many people think that these emergencies will never happen to them and stories like this are always great reminders that these situations can happen to any of us, anywhere, at anytime.

And, since we are a Massachusetts based company, we are doubly interested as this story involves our very own Boston Celtics!

Bryan Doo, the strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Celtics was playing a pick up game of hoops at the Newton Hyde Community Center when another player, Chuck Conley's heart stopped suddenly and without warning.

Several players rushed to give the man CPR but Doo remembered that the facility had an automatic external defibrillator hanging on the wall. The AED prompted him on what steps to take next and by the time the paramedics had arrived, Conley had regained consciousness.

This particular AED had been installed by local doctors who had lost a friend during a similar incident in hopes that no one else would perish unnecessarily. Thanks to the generosity of those doctors and the quick thinking of Bryan Doo, Chuck Conley is here to see another day. Click here for the full story and a touching video.

Is your facility prepared to handle such an emergency? Call 1.888.623.0088 today to talk to us about ordering an AED today.

Great job Bryan! The Celtics are lucky to have you.

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