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Back to Business, Safely!

Get your workplace up and running and help protect staff, students & clients. 

Zogics Back to Business Safely product bundle

As we return to and reopen our workplaces in these times of uncertainty, protecting yourself and your clients becomes essential. Our Back to Business Safely Kit will help fight the spread of infectious diseases including COVID-19, and safeguard your staff, students, clients, guests and yourself.


What's Included


Disposable Surgical Face Mask (Case of 200)
Our disposable surgical face mask features a three-ply pleated design, a pliable nose piece for individual fit and comfort, and is easily secured with elastic ear loops.  The fluid-resistant mask is soft with no uncomfortable pressure points, making it ideal for extended wear as comfortable and efficient protection against dust and other particles.


Zogics 70% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer, 16oz (Case of 16)
Our 70% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer is powered by ethyl alcohol, a renewable natural resource, and is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illness. The gentle yet effective formula is non-irritating, and the soothing cucumber scent is both subtle and pleasant, making it perfect for frequent application and use. 


Alcosm 75% Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes (Case of 24 packs, 50 wipes/pack)
Alcosm 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes are a high-quality and convenient hand sanitizing solution, and are an excellent tool for disinfecting inanimate objects, as well as a perfect alternative to hand washing when soap and water are not readily available. Perfect for use in schools, offices, fitness centers and healthcare settings, these pre-saturated lint-free wipes are generous in size (5.9" l x 7.9" w), and come packaged in convenient flat packs that can be placed in virtually any location. The wipes are saturated with a 75% alcohol-based formula that is lab-certified to quickly kill 99.99% 


How many kits will I need?

Each kit will accommodate approximately 12 people for one month. To help you determine the number of kits needed for your facility, we've put together a handy chart.

Our handy chart will help you decide how many Back to Business kits you need.

Our kit is one of many steps you can take to help your business reopen safely. For more detailed information, check out the CDC's guidelines in their Resuming Business Toolkit.

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