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Best Items For High-Intensity Fitness Programming


If you were to poll your fitness facility's members to find out why they joined and/or why they stay, you would likely receive quite the diverse group of answers. Some sign up for a membership because they want to lose weight. Others are looking to tone muscle. Many join a gym to feel more in tune with the community. Some renew their membership because they want to scope out hot women or men at the facility. Yet many sign up and renew their membership as the gym allows for the type of workout that can't be achieved at home.



Gyms Have Equipment That Can't be Found Elsewhere

A considerable portion of fitness-minded individuals pay for a gym membership as it provides access to high-end equipment that helps them achieve the body of their dreams. These machines are conveniently located under one roof. It is much more cost effective to join a gym in order to access high-intensity fitness equipment than purchase each item for use in one's basement, garage, spare room or other home workout space.

Every gym needs such nuanced equipment to attract members. Yet establishing exactly the right mix of high-intensity fitness machines and equipment is somewhat challenging. Assemble the perfect combination of machines and your fitness facility will stand out from the pack. Let's take a look at some of the high-quality workout machines and equipment every top-notch fitness club should have.



Plyo Boxes

Plyometric training has not yet spilled directly into the mainstream yet it is quickly gaining momentum. Add plyo boxes to your gym and you will pique the interest of your current members as well as prospective members. Plyo boxes are uniquely designed for highly explosive exercises. These boxes allow for high-intensity training that boosts general body strength, reaction times and jumping ability. Just be sure to invest in a quality set that will stand the test of time. Plyo boxes are a bit out of the ordinary so they might intimidate certain members. Keep a foam set on-site at all times to help your members get the hang of this unconventional style of workout.



Multipurpose Barbells

Barbells are ideal for strength training and improving conditioning. Yet any old barbells will not suffice. Invest in multipurpose barbells of different sizes and there will always be an option available for each of your gym members. Be sure to include multipurpose barbells for men as well as women. Key in on the differences in weight, diameter, spin and other idiosyncrasies before plunking down your money.



A Gym Clock

Add a multi-functional gym clock to your facility and it will improve your members' workouts in all sorts of ways. This piece of equipment is ideal for those who are focused on their workout rather than the time of day or night. Opt for a gym clock that is built with an interval timer, a countdown timer, a stopwatch and a count up timer. Members, personal trainers and coaches will all benefit from this style of gym clock. Such an addition benefits trainers as it allows them to keep an eye on the clock while gauging the efficiency of the client's workout without losing focus on technique and other important details.



Wall Balls

Gym-goers who are intent on strengthening their core or elevating their heart rate will benefit from wall balls. Slam balls and medicine balls will also help with core strengthening. Add several varieties to your facility and you will undoubtedly gain favor with those who are looking to achieve or maintain a flat stomach.



Bumper Plates

Bumper plates safeguard the floor and equipment when a member is performing an Olympic lift. Bumper plates are unique from steel plates in the fact that they are dropped from overhead without creating distracting noise. Furthermore, bumper plates will not leave any sort of mark on your facility's floor. Such plates can be used several times each day. They can even be used for hours on end without causing significant wear. Some bumper plates result in absolutely no wear. Keep in mind that the lower weight plates like the 10 to 15 pound variety are not meant to be dropped from overhead. However, higher weight options are designed for such a drop.




Nowadays, there is a strong focus on building and maintaining a rock-solid core. Kettlebells help make a flat stomach possible. Do some research before buying kettlebells. Certain varieties work better with specific types of flooring. As an example, cast-iron is an economically efficient selection if your gym has a rubber floor.


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