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Five Tips For A Safe Summer Workout

Zogics_Blog_May_2016_5_Tips_For_Summer_Workout.jpgWell, it is almost summer, and I have a run scheduled for tonight, but I am on the fence. Part of me doesn't want to skip the workout but the other part says, "take a hint from the AC in your car , and don't do anything!"

Regardless of what I decide, if you are exercising outdoors this summer, here are some great tips to help you avoid the risk of heat related illness and keep you cool:

  • Pick the right time, exercise in the morning or evening when temperatures are usually cooler.   
  • Wear the right clothing, loose breathable clothing that prevents chafing will help keep the body cool.   
  • Take time to properly cool down. Avoid extreme temperature change, such as going right from the heat into a cold room.   
  • Slow down and don't push yourself. High heat is not the time to go for your personal best.    
  • Drink plenty of water, staying properly hydrated before, during and after your workout is critical to avoid injury and heat related illness.   

Always consult your doctor before exercising if you have any health issues which could be complicated or aggravated by heat exposure.

  • Exercise at the right time.
  • Wear loose clothing.
  • Take time to cool down.
  • Don't push yourself too hard.
  • Drink lots of water!


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