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Boston Mania is Next Week!


Get ready for three days of personal training inspiration and education—we've teamed up with 3ACT Slide and will be at the Boston MANIA® Convention from November 10-12 at Booth #31 & #32. Stop by our booth to see the 3ACT Slide in action and learn more about it's benefits, features, and fun ways to create a whole new group class regiment. Plus, word is that we'll have a great show deal (make sure to stop by to see what we've got up our sleeve!)

Benefits of Slide Boarding

A new craze in low impact training has been created by reinventing a product that’s been around for decades, the slideboard. The 3ACT Slide provides one of the best low-impact workouts around. This portable exercise unit allows multidirectional movement for an array of exercises across a 6-foot diameter circle. Lose weight, gain strength, improve flexibility and balance, and develop a strong core. The exercises can be customized and varied for all ages and abilities. Using a 3ACT Slide allows high intensity workouts while still working in a low impact environment.

Can't Make It to Boston MANIA?

We'll miss you if you can't make it to the show, but you can still learn about the way the 3ACT Slide is taking the fitness industry by storm here. Our Countdown to Black Friday Deals have just started as well, and for a limited time all of our fitness equipment is on sale at up to 45% off! Plus, the 3ACT Slide it at its lowest price. Head over to zogics.com now—you don't have to wait a month for our lowest prices of the year!


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