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The Essential Guide to Cleaning Fitness Facilities: Promoting Hygiene & Safety

In this post:

  • Why clean fitness facilities affect member retention
  • Top areas where health club members look to assess cleanliness
  • A general checklist of products for cleaning fitness facilities

The cleanliness of your gym is vital. A clean gym is as important as your marketing strategy, the quality of your workout machines, and the facility's appearance. An unkempt gym is a major turnoff for prospective members as well as current members. Your staff needs the proper cleaning supplies to keep your fitness facility spotless and as germ-free. Let's explore the types of wholesale cleaning supplies every gym should have on-site at all times.


How Fitness Center Cleaning Affects Member Retention

In June 2008, an IHRSA report presented the findings of online surveys of 600 U.S. health club members, 495 health club staff, and in-depth interviews with leaders of health club companies across the country to explore how perceptions of health club cleanliness have become important in retaining members.

The research project concluded that members are indeed more likely to renew their membership when they perceive the facility to be clean.

The implications of hygiene on health and safety in fitness facilities cannot be overstated. In this guide, we delve into the essential aspects of maintaining impeccable gym cleanliness, emphasizing the need for regular risk assessments and introducing a comprehensive checklist.


Key Spots Members Check to Evaluate Cleanliness

In the same report, it was revealed which areas health club members usually look to assess a club’s cleanliness and the types of dirt in said areas.


Members notice: water on the floor, trash, fingerprints


Restrooms are breeding grounds for lots of germs and bacteria and getting those dirty spaces spotless and sanitized is critically important during your deep cleaning process. Restrooms should be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, and deep cleaned once a week. 


Workout Equipment Surfaces

Members notice: sweat, fingerprints, stickiness

Muscular man and sporty woman workout on training simulator in crossfit gym

Workout equipment is the most frequently touched or handled surface throughout the day by many people. With so many hands and bodies touching weight equipment throughout the days, weeks, months, and years your facility has been open, it’s no surprise that this area has a lot of health hazard potential. You can treat your customers to sparkling clean equipment by regularly cleaning them and also by encouraging them to wipe before and after use by having gym wipes easily accessible. Workout areas should be cleaned daily, and deep cleaned once a week. As a reminder, encourage staff and members to wipe down weights before and after each use.


Locker Rooms

Members notice: water on the floor, trash, dust


Locker rooms are chock full of high touch-point areas and can be real dirt and bacteria magnets. Your facility will want to clean and disinfect every surface in your facility’s locker room. These spaces deserve a daily cleaning and should be deep cleaned once a week.

At the end of this blog post, you will find a helpful cleaning supply checklist which you can use at your fitness facility at all times.


Daily Cleaning Protocols

Maintaining a clean and hygienic fitness facility is required to ensure a safe and enjoyable workout environment for patrons. Implementing daily cleaning protocols is crucial in preventing the spread of germs and maintaining a pristine space. Staff should focus on high-touch areas such as exercise equipment, door handles, and shared surfaces, using disinfectant wipes to swiftly eliminate bacteria. 

Regularly checking and restocking essential cleaning supplies like disinfectants, paper towels, and trash bags is key to seamlessly integrating daily cleaning into the facility's routine. By consistently adhering to these protocols, fitness centers can prioritize the health and well-being of their members.


Weekly Cleaning Protocols

In addition to daily cleaning, fitness facilities should have a more thorough cleaning regimen every week. This involves a comprehensive inspection of the entire facility to address less frequented areas that may accumulate dirt or grime over time. Gym mats, locker rooms, and fitness class spaces should undergo a detailed cleaning using appropriate cleaning agents. 

Staff can use this time to inspect and sanitize equipment more intensively, ensuring optimal functionality and extending the lifespan of the machines. Implementing these weekly cleaning protocols not only enhances the overall cleanliness of the fitness facility but also contributes to a positive and inviting atmosphere for members, encouraging them to pursue their fitness goals in a hygienic environment.


Staff Training and Safety Measures

A well-trained staff is key to upholding cleanliness standards. Learn to be proactive, rather than reactive by incorporating precautionary measures into your business practices, improving internal and external communications, and developing a dynamic cleaning supplies ordering process on top of your daily/weekly/monthly/annual cleaning protocols.


Engaging Members in Cleanliness


We know that you do care about the health and safety of your members, and right now you’re probably looking for a little help communicating all the great operational updates you’re making for your clients. Involving gym members in maintaining a clean environment creates a shared responsibility for cleanliness, and collective effort ensures a healthier and more satisfying gym experience for everyone.

Create messaging around best practices for members to prevent the spread of germs. Post flyers and signs throughout your facility encouraging members to uphold these practices for their safety and the health of other members. Encourage staff to reinforce these best practices with members, too.

A clean facility is not only visually appealing but also contributes to the overall health and well-being of gym members. We know that with the right tools and planning, your fitness facility will have new and returning clients coming through your (thoroughly cleaned and sanitized) front doors.

A comprehensive cleaning strategy is not just a necessity but a key factor in the success of fitness facilities. By prioritizing cleanliness, gyms contribute to the health and satisfaction of their members, fostering a positive and thriving community.

Here’s an easy-to-follow cleaning supply checklist, to ensure that your team is using appropriate cleaning products, including disinfectants and wipes, to effectively sanitize these spaces.

Recommended Items For Daily & Weekly Maintenance And Cleaning:

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