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Cleaning Supply Checklist for Fitness Facilities

April 05, 2017 By Zogics


The cleanliness of your gym is just as important as your marketing strategy, the quality of your workout machines and the facility's appearance. An unkempt gym is a major turnoff for prospective members as well as those who currently pay monthly dues. However, if your staff does not have the proper cleaning supplies on-hand, efforts to keep your fitness facility spotless and as germ-free as possible will prove to be in vain. Let's take a look at the types of cleaning supplies every gym should have on-site at all times.


Weights and Exercise Machines

Some members do not hesitate to use gym weights and exercise machines when sick or after using the restroom and not washing their hands. Your facility's exercise machines and weights will inevitably become laden with germs and other unsavory particles. It is not easy to keep equipment pristine at all times. However, it is not an impossible task. Have you staff clean the facility's exercise equipment and weights throughout the day. Keep a box of antibacterial wipes by as many machines and weights as possible. Post signs that encourage members to wipe down equipment after using it. Verbalize this suggestion from time to time and you just might find that your members proactively wipe down machines and weights to keep them as clean as possible.

Though it would be nice if members cleaned the facility's machines after every single use, the odds of that actually happening are quite low. Have your custodial staff and anyone else who is looking for something to do clean touch points ranging from free weights to machine handlebars, handles and treadmill controls. They can use gym wipes or disinfectant spray along with microfiber towels and/or paper towels. Don't forget to arm your staff with high-quality gloves so their own germs aren't spread to your facility's machines, weights and other surfaces.




Restroom cleaning is not as straightforward as most believe. Customer health will be in jeopardy unless these spaces are cleaned in a comprehensive manner on a regular basis. Restrooms should be void of soils in all areas, ranging from the floors to the stalls, sinks and toilets. Each of these areas should be cleaned in a manner that reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

If your cleaning staff is short on time and overworked, consider investing in a specialized cleaning system that can remove bacteria in a timely manner. Such cleaning systems remove soil in a thorough manner rather than spread it from space to space as sometimes occurs with a mop or rag.

However, a comprehensive clean with a broom, mop and bucket is the most economically efficient way to keep your gym spotless. These tried and true cleaning tools can certainly eliminate the majority of dirt. Regardless, you should invest in a high-quality floor cleaner that removes all particles, soils and other bacteria-laden particles from your restroom floor. Finally, keep your supply closet loaded with ample urinal screens and toilet bowl cleaners to stop the spread of germs.



Locker Rooms and Showers

Have your staff use a top-notch shower cleaner to ensure that the floors and walls of the showers are perfectly clean. Use an elite shower cleaner and your members won't have to worry about whether they will end up with warts on their feet after using the gym shower. Make sure plenty of sponges and magic eraser are on-hand to remove dirt and germs from shower handles, shower walls and other areas that have the potential to spread illness.

Load up on garbage cans and trash bag liners so your members don't have to venture far to dispose of used tissues, wipes, paper towels and other odds and ends. The last thing you want is for your gym's floor to be used as a trash receptacle. Also, don't forget to order enough glass cleaners and sponges to clean locker room mirrors so your guests can check out their appearance before heading out.



Floors and Touch Points

Invest in at least one reliable vacuum to keep your facility's rugs spotlessly clean. Ideally, you will have several vacuums available just in case one stops working or becomes inefficient. Do not lose sight of the fact that nasty bacteria can move across health club floors with considerable ease. The floors should be cleaned every single day. Keep numerous swiffer dusters on-hand as well. This way, your staff will be armed with all the floor-cleaning supplies necessary to keep those frequently traveled surfaces sparkling.

Gyms have a number of touch points aside from those on exercise machines and weights. Consider the wide array of surfaces members and staff touch each day: exercise mats, benches, computer screens/keyboards, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. Each of these touch points should be wiped down and cleaned with an anti-bacterial spray several time per day.

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