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Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

Zogics Locker Room Guide

In honor of football’s fall kickoff and our new Locker Room Essentials Guide, we thought we would share with you some of our favorite memorable "locker room” speeches (ok, they don’t all take place in an actual locker room). So download our new guide and then get inspired. And remember, “this is our house, this our time, it all comes down to this.”

11) Real Life - Coach Aaron Kelton, Williams College Football
While this video is more like a documentary on the history of Williams College Football - at the 3:55 minute mark Coach Aaron Kelton, Head Coach delivers an impassioned pregame speech before playing Amherst and on his way to an undefeated season.

10) Movie - The Replacements - “Fear”
This is not your traditional pep talk, but it’s noth necessary and effective. Watch Gene Hackman ask grown men to confront their fears and inspire a team of second-chance athletes (including Keanu Reeves) to make the most of the time they have on the field.

9) Real Life – Jameis Winston Fires up Florida State
Watch this freshman football player prove he is a born leader in this epic halftime speech.

8) Movie - Rudy - “Our House"
While this speech may be predictable, Rudy definitely is not. We dare you to keep your eyes dry while you watch this coach convince a tiny-player-who-could that no one comes into his house and pushes him around.

7) Movie - We Are Marshall - “We cannot lose”
You need to relive the past and then leave it all behind. Though this video’s “locker room” is actually a cemetery.

6) Movie - Little Giants – “One Town, One Team”
You can lost 99 out of 100 times, and there is still a chance for victory if you don’t give up.

5) Real Life – Coach Joe Headen, – “Hold the Rope”
Joe Headen, Head Coach of the Susquehanna Township Indians in Harrisburg, PA delivers a powerful and moving speech.

4) Documentary - Undefeated - “Failure”
This Oscar-winning documentary features an unscripted speech that will make you want to pick up a pair of cleats and get out their on the field.

3) Movie - Remember the Titans - “Blitz all Night”
If you remember one thing, it’s to “blitz all night.” Watch this sideline pep talk turn in to an unforgettable speech.

2) Television Show - Friday Night Lights - “Clear eyes Full hearts”
1 whiteboard. 5 letters. And a meaningful stare that says it all.

1) Movie - Any Given Sunday - “Game of Inches”
This speech comes together in the same calm and patient as life and football: inch by inch.

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