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COVID-19 Tips: California State's Plan to Keep Students and Staff Safe

We chatted with Trae Mathews, Facility Coordinator at California State University, Bakersfield’s Student Recreation Center, about the University's facility plans for Fall 2020, and got a peek into what may be in store for Winter 2021.

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How are you approaching the Fall Semester?

CSUB is virtual for the Fall semester including the Student Recreation Center. All of our programming will be conducted online through our various social media outlets. We are currently working on our re-opening plan and trying to anticipate what the SRC is going to look like once we reopen. As of right now, we have put our plan on paper, started to purchase supplies, determined a new fitness equipment layout, and continued/expanded our virtual programming.

How has COVID-19 affected your cleaning protocols?

COVID-19 has greatly increased our cleaning protocols. We are adding several new products to our cleaning program both for our student staff as well as our custodial staff.
  • We plan to have a ‘turnover’ period after each hour of workout time. During this 30-minute time block, students will completely clean all equipment and common spaces while the facility is free of participants.
  • Equipment wipes will be placed strategically around our workout areas and participants will be encouraged to wipe their machines both pre- and post-workout.
  • After a machine is used, our student staff will go behind the participant and clean it with our hospital grade disinfectant spray before the next individual can use the machine.


What type of cleaning products are you adding to your current mix?

Right now we're planning on adding the following:

  • Electrostatic Sprayer
  • Equipment wipes (we used spray solution and towels prior)
  • 10 wall mounted hand sanitizer stations and 5 free-standing units
  • Separation screens at the Front Desk (Access and Sales)


In light of these challenging times, how are you adjusting your programming (both during your remote session this fall and upcoming for 2021)?

Programming is now virtual mainly through our social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok) but also on our YouTube channel and website.

Examples include GroupX classes both live and pre-recorded, Esports such as Madden20 and UFC, safety and maintenance videos for our Bike Share Program, and Wellness tip flyers and graphics.

Any thoughts on when students will return to campus?

We are hoping to get approval to open sometime in the Fall but if not, the current plan is for professional staff to report back to campus in January and open the SRC at the beginning of the Spring 2021 Semester. We anticipate physical distancing measures still to be in effect, so some of our programming will remain virtual even if our physical building opens in the Spring. Also, some of our programming will remain offline, such as climbing the Rockwall, until guidelines have lessened and it is safe for participants to take part in those effected activities.


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