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Customer Spotlight: Coleen DeLorenzo of Body Fixx


Meet Coleen DeLorenzo of The Body Fixx Health & Fitness in Middleburgh, NY. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Any hobbies?

I am 51 years old and a mother of two amazing young women. When not in the gym, I love to hike, kayak, and walk my dogs. I love to dance and have worked with many local playhouses, both performing as well as teaching choreography, and dance lessons.

I am a business owner, personal trainer, and fitness Instructor. I got to where I am by working many hard hours. I worked in multiple gyms over the years and was blessed to be able to build up a large, loyal, and hardworking clientele, that has followed me and stayed with me over the years.


How did The Body Fixx come to be?

We were built up from disaster with the floods of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. We are currently small but are also an up and coming community.  

Incredible! What do you think makes your gym special?

The people, for sure! We are strong and concentrated on lifting each other up and pushing each other forward. At the gym, we are truly non-judgmental. Everyone of us has a starting point. Even the most fit people had to start somewhere. We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to the gym. People's good health is so important to us. The best feeling in the world is when one of our clients tell us they have had a good report from their doctor, whether it be a drop in weight, blood pressure, their blood sugar, or simply feeling good about themselves. We are completely committed to our members.




What led you to Zogics?

When I realized how much money I was spending on other wipes, I was shocked. I looked online and compared prices. Zogics saves me quite a bit of money on gym wipes and I love the "station" stands that keep wipes and garbage together. They're neat and easy to find in each room.


How has your experience with Zogics been?

The customer service at Zogics is the best! My life is so busy between running the business and multiple trainings. For me to stop what I was doing and run out to the store every time I ran out of wipes, was exhaustive and expensive. Zogics is so quick. The gym wipes show up at my door within a day or two. I love it! I also look forward to my Earth Pop surprise with every order!

We're happy to serve you, Coleen, and we love having you as a member of our Zogics community. Want to learn more about The Body Fixx? Check them out on their website, Facebook and Instagram!

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