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Customer Spotlight: Gary Riello of Anytime Fitness - Worcester, MA

Gary Riello of Anytime Fitness Worcester, MA

Gary's Anytime Fitness is located at 386 Shrewsbury St., Worcester, MA. They offer personal training that fits around your schedule with 4 qualified trainers, and will soon be adding group training.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am the new owner at Anytime Fitness on Shrewsbury St. in Worcester, MA. I have my BS in Business Communications and Marketing along with an AS in Exercise Science and am currently getting my ACE certification. As a recently diagnosed Celiac, I have been forced to eat gluten-free to prevent further damage to my body. I turned to health and fitness to regain control of my life and bought into the Anytime Fitness Franchise to help others try and gain control of theirs. I am a strong advocate of living a healthy lifestyle. However, I'm never afraid to make time for a little fun.

How did you end up becoming an Anytime Fitness franchise owner?

Well long story short the company I was working for at the beginning of 2016 went under and laid everyone off. I was there for 10 years and was not sure what do with myself. While collecting unemployment I decided to work part time as the manager for Anytime Fitness. I was told to run it like I own it. I went with that and realized after a couple months I enjoyed being there cleaning and getting to know the members. I have always wanted to help people and knew this was my calling. I had talked to the owners and they were willing to sell it to the right person. They liked how I had operated the facility so we began the buying process. It wasn't easy since I was on unemployment and didn't have much money in the bank. After getting turned down over 5 times I was able to convince a bank that I had the drive and compassion to make this work. They gave me the opportunity I needed to make my dreams come true. Thank you Webster 5 and Eric and Lori Rubin (owners of Anytime Fitness in Auburn, Ma) and my father, Joseph Riello, for helping to make this happen.

What has been your favorite moment of being an Anytime Fitness franchise owner?

My favorite moment in 2017 was when a member walked up to me and told me I was doing a great job and appreciated the hard work and effort I was putting into the club to make it the best place for them.

I would like to thank Richard McCarthy my Operations Manager and Head Personal trainer along with Alicia Mahoney my Office Manager and also Personal Trainer. They have both helped get me to where I am today with their hard work and dedication to not only my business but our members. Thanks Team!!

AF386 then and now 8.1.17.jpg

What do you think makes your fitness facility special?

What makes our club special is our ability to maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our members. We are there almost every day cleaning by hand and making sure the club is properly cared for. We take pride in what we offer everyone that walks through our door. We want to help people reach their goals and being a smaller gym we are able to make ourselves available to do that. We are currently expanding our facility 2000 sq/ft and adding a performance training center with 24/7 access for all our members. There will be over 1000 sq/ft of turf for all kinds of activities including group training, TRX, push/pull sled, etc.

What do you like about Zogics?

What I like most about Zogics is their customer service and quick response time. When I call them they answer and when I order from them I have my order in hand within 2 days. I had the pleasure of meeting Angessa Hughmanick, their Anytime Fitness Specialist, who showed me around their facility in Lenox, MA and was very impressed with the friendliness and dedication they all showed. I would highly recommend their products to any fitness facility. I grew up in Berkshire County before moving out to Worcester and love that they represent where my roots are. ATF-cust-profile-sanitizing-wipes.jpg

My favorite Zogics product is the "Sanitizing Wipes". When I made the switch I immediately noticed the quality of these wipes and their pleasant scent. My members now use less wipes to clean the equipment saving me time and money.

Well done, Gary! Zogics is proud to call you a customer and to be a preffered vendor to Anytime Fitness! Check out Anytime Fitness - Worcester, MA on  their website, on Facebook and Instagram.

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