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Customer Spotlight: Texas A&M-Commerce

Hear from Michael McKean, Associate Director at Texas A&M-Commerce, about changes to the University's cleaning protocols and more in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How has COVID-19 affected your cleaning protocols? 

The University hired additional cleaning staff to specifically sanitize door handles, drinking fountains, and hard surfaces like tables and chairs throughout the day.

What type of cleaning products are you adding/have you added to your current mix? 

We are using chlorine bleach products and Virex products, along with Zogics wipe dispensers throughout our facilities. 

In light of these challenging times, how have you adjusted your programming (both this fall and upcoming for 2021)? 

We base all of our in-person programs on University COVID-19 policies which are based on room occupancy.  Most rooms are reduced to 25% capacity. Many programs have either become fully virtual or hybrid.

How are students coping with the pandemic? 

At my facility we see students wearing masks, socially distancing and following guidelines.
texas a&mAnd staff at A&M Commerce?

The staff has adapted to virtual meetings. We have had the opportunity to complete some projects that haven’t been completed due to time restraints.

2020 has been a challenging year. Any advice for other universities/facilities from your perspective?

I am part of a professional organization called ACUI, The Association of College Unions International.  ACUI has been a tremendous resource for COVID-19 guidance and support. The association has increased virtual programming to provide robust content in this trying time. 

We're happy to serve you, Michael, and we love hearing about your successful cleaning and COVID protocols on campus, and of course we love having you as a member of our Zogics community.

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