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Developing Your Best Workout Routine


If you aren't exactly sure as to what constitutes the best workout in the gym, you are not alone. The truth is that most people engage in somewhat random exercises because they have not taken the time to figure out exactly what the best workout in the gym is for their idiosyncratic body type and fitness desires. Let's take a look at exactly how you should go about developing a workout routine that propels you toward the body of your dreams.



Start With a Goal

Take some time to think about what you would like to get out of your workout. Perhaps you would like to lose weight. Maybe you would like to tone your body. Perhaps you are intent on boosting flexibility, strength or mass. Settle on one or several realistic goals. Once your goals are established, you can proceed to figuring out what the best workout in the gym is to help you make your vision a reality.



You will never know if a workout is ideal for your body and nuanced fitness goals until you try multiple variations. Do not plan out what you believe to be the best workout in the gym only to settle into that routine and never deviate. This is the type of comfort zone that will limit your potential and eventually cause your body to plateau. Take some chances and you will gradually develop the optimal workout routine. Try out different machines. Experiment with the frequency, intensity and volume of your exercises.

Alter your reps every couple of weeks. Reps are of critical importance as they control your size gains, strength improvement and even the look of your muscles. Alter the number of reps and you will likely find that your muscles change in terms of endurance, girth, strength and explosive power. Experiment with reps, fitness equipment, exercise volume and other variables for a while and you will eventually determine the best workout in the gym for your particular aims.


There Should be a Reason for Every Exercise You Do

Do not fall into the habit of partaking in a workout regimen simply because it is what others do or because certain exercise machines aren't occupied by others at a particular moment in time. Your exercise choices should pair up with your goals. This means there should be sound reasoning for each exercise you perform. Furthermore, there should be a reason for the manner in which each exercise is performed.

So be selective when crafting your workout routine. Do not simply go through the motions. The best workout in the gym isn't necessarily the longest or most complex. Rather, it serves specific purposes and helps you make meaningful progress toward your physical fitness goals.


Key in on the Most Important Exercises at the Beginning of Your Workout

It is prudent to engage in exercises that work a variety of muscles at the beginning of your workout. If you wait until the mid-point or end of your session to perform these demanding exercises, you might not have the physical stamina or mental focus necessary to perform them in a thorough manner. As an example, heavy deadlifts, snatches, squats and cleans require a considerable amount of energy and muscle mass. If you wait until the end of your workout to perform such intense exercises, you won't maximize muscle growth. You might even compromise your technique and incur an injury.


The Best Workout in the Gym Forces You to Move in all Directions

The majority of popular gym exercises require movement in a single direction. As an example, lunges, bicep curls, treadmills, squats and bench presses involve front-to-back movements. The main movement is a flexing of the muscles forward and back without any sort of side-to-side or twisting motion. Effective workouts include movements in different directions across the frontal plane, sagittal plane and transverse plane. Incorporate exercises that force you to move left, right, forward and back and you will build a strong and flexible body.


Key in on Symmetry

The best workout in the gym forces you to stay balanced. Each portion of the body should be used so that every body site becomes (or remains) strong. Your workout routine should not result in a weakening or even an over-strengthening of any particular body part.

As an example, if you over-focus on exercises that boost chest strength but neglect your back, you will inevitably end up with poor posture due to the pecs pulling the shoulders forward. Another example is an over-training of the quads while neglecting the hamstrings. Such an imbalance will generate an uneven pull along the knee joint that induces pain. The moral of the story is to hone in on diverse exercises that keep your body in full equilibrium, enhance flexibility and ultimately ward off injuries.


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