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Elkay EZH2O Water Fountain Review

Elkay EZH2O Water Fountain Review

It’s time to rethink your water fountains. Elkay’s EZH2O fountain provides a bottle filling station that reduces consumer usage of disposable plastic bottles with touchless, sanitary operation that’s three times faster than a standard drinking fountain.

Consistent with our commitment to a healthier planet and excellent products, Zogics is proud to carry the ground breaking Elkay water fountain and bottle fillers.

Ditch the Bottle, Save the Planet

With 38 billion bottles dumped into landfills annually, we’re drowning in bottled water. The Sierra Club estimates that a third of bottled water sold in the U.S. comes from municipal sources anyway. Why not reduce our footprints and use refillable, washable bottles? You’ll also eliminate waste of paper cups and avoid expensive bottled water delivery. We say it’s time to recommit to tap water.

Easy to Use

Ever tried to fill a bottle at a traditional water fountain? It’s the ol’ Shuffle n Tilt: tipping and tottering and trying not to splash water on your shoes. Messy, annoying, and flat-out undignified. We like simple solutions. And Elkay, a family-owned manufacturer of plumbing equipment since 1920, really thought out their award-winning design.

Fills Quickly

Special technology pushes water through the filter at an impressive rate. For a 16-ounce bottle you’ll clock 5 seconds with room temperature water and 7 seconds for chilled. Traditional, button-tilt-splash fountains take about 20 seconds.

No touchy, No Germy

Sensors which detect your bottle under the spigot provide a touchless, sanitary, one-handed operation. The recessed nozzle avoids contact with bottles and is made of antimicrobial material which inhibits mold and mildew growth. And the laminar (un-aerated) water flow is less likely to splash or pick up bacteria.

Green TickerTM

This might be our favorite feature. The EZH2O has a counter which displays how many 16-ounce bottles have avoided landfills. This provides quantifiable proof of accomplishment, reinforcing the user’s sustainability and providing instantaneous positive feedback. We love it. Your members will love it too.

The Other Kids Are Doing It

Elkay’s water filling stations are perfect for gyms, health centers, or schools. They’ve been installed in hundreds of colleges and universities, fifteen airports including O’Hare and LaGuardia, corporate campuses, and other high-traffic public places. The ticker has inspired intra-campus competitions and is a dang cool way of quantifying eco-friendly water habits. Just one example: in two years, Muhlenberg College saved 1.4 million bottles with their 49 devices. Incoming freshman receive a stainless steel bottle, furthering the campus’ ecological commitment.

Detailed spec sheets and good design make for easy installation, and the units comply with ADA standards when properly installed. With a clean and smartly attractive look, the sleek fountains will enhance the appearance of any facility and attract the interest of your members.

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