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Fall Back in to Fitness


We tried to fight it, but Autumn has found us once again.

Daylight is waning, temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning, and the bustle of the holidays is quickly rushing in. Don’t let the occasional gray sky, or that chill in the air, keep you indoors. It’s the perfect time of year to dive back into fitness. And with a little planning and foresight, you can make the most out of this season.

Plan, Set, Go!
Stay motivated by making a fitness plan for yourself; set realistic goals and track your progress. It takes 15 days for new routines to form in our brains, so make sure you stick it out and let those good-habits settle in.

Write your fitness plan down. Include realistic and achievable goals. Don’t let the idea of “a perfect workout” be the enemy of one that is “good enough.” A 20 minute workout beats a zero minute workout.

Find the fitness app that works for you. Check out all of the apps available for your device and choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. Now you can take your workout with you wherever you go.

Buddy Up, Sign Up
Find a friend with similar fitness goals and exercise together. It’s harder to skip a workout when someone is waiting for you.

Fall brings many opportunities for lively activities, from holiday-themed fun runs to apple picking to leaf peeping. Bring your friends! And be sure to check out the outdoorsy events organized by places like the YMCA, gyms and health clubs, community centers and colleges, and even your local outdoors store.

Renew or sign up for a gym membership before the holidays start, when getting to the gym can be even more challenging.

Stock Up
Don’t be tempted to graze! Keep a well-stocked kitchen of healthy foods during this time of ubiquitous treats. With no processed foods to grab, you’ll opt for energy-boosting options like apples, almonds, grapes, and carrots. If you do decide to snack more richly, make it dark chocolate.

Keep healthy snacks with you in your bag, in your car, and near your desk. And stay hydrated. Cold water might be hydrating in the summer but hot tea does the same for you in the fall.

Your body—and mind—will thank you for a balanced diet.

Do Your Chores
Raking the leaves, chopping wood, or keeping up with seasonal gardening are great ways to turn autumn tasks into enjoyable forms of calorie-burning. Set small, achievable goals to turn these chores into a game and help pass the time.

According to a Harvard study, using heavy tools burns 500 to 700 calories per hour, and chopping wood or shoveling snow burns 350 to 500 calories. So get out there and do your chores!

Embrace the Chill

Take advantage of the crisp air! Get out on the trails—hiking, running, or biking—and enjoy the changing colors. As the temperatures drop further, embrace the snow. If the weather’s going to happen anyway, why not plan something that enables you to anticipate rather than dread the cold? Cross-country skiing, even at a walking pace, is a great way to keep exercising and as a bonus you get to be outside. Feel the glide!

Dress Right
While you’re out there, don’t forget to layer your clothes! Cooler temperatures are here: keep your core cozy.

We'll see you out there!

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