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Giving Tuesday - #ZogicsGivesBack

Giving Tuesday

We have a day for giving thanks, #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate the spirit of generosity universally. #ZogicsGivesBack

It’s a simple idea: giving back. An idea that we at Zogics strive to embody year round. Since the day our doors opened in 2006, we have been a proud to be member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to donating 1% of sales to environmental organizations. Over the past 8 years, we’ve had the pleasure of donating over $100k to The Trustees of Reservations (TTOR) – one of the nation’s oldest statewide conservation organizations. With more than 100 destinations, they are the guardians, gatekeepers, and champions of nearly 25,000 acres throughout Massachusetts. For our families, colleagues and friends, it’s personal. We hike their trails before starting our workday, cross country ski in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Northeast, and head to their historic landmarks as often as possible. These properties are magical, truly. And we want to keep them that way for generations to come.

While Giving Tuesday is a growing charitable movement that takes place once a year during the holiday season, giving year-round is a core part of our core philosophy. Today we join in the collective voice working to inspire generosity. 

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