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Go Back to School with Zogics Clean Guide for Educational Facilities

A New School Year and a New Approach

Come this fall, educational facilities across the country will start to reopen after being closed to students since mid-March. It’s shaping up to be yet another very different school year, whether you’re a public K-12 school district, a private entity or a college or university. Think novel protocols like one week at school, one week at home, half-filled busses, staggered start times, empty cafeterias and desks placed six feet apart. 

And of course, cleaning and disinfecting. Lots and lots of cleaning and disinfecting. There’s no doubt that intensified cleaning and disinfection efforts will play an enormous role in keeping everyone, from students to staff, safe.  

As administrators, teachers and maintenance staff adjust to these new protocols you may be wondering how do I get—and keep—all of the spaces in my school clean? The simple answer is that all your cleaning and disinfecting should focus on touch points. But nearly everything is a touchpoint at school, particularly in elementary schools. This means cleaning has to be vigilant and ongoing. The good news? It doesn't have to be backbreaking or time consuming. 

To help guide you through the correct processes and protocols when it comes to keeping your facilities clean and germ-free, we’ve put together a comprehensive cleaning guide, along with messaging templates for communication with both staff, students, and caregivers.



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