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Gym Etiquette Rules: Tips for Gym Newbies

Gym Etiquette Rules: Tips for Gym Newbies

Many of us are likely to head to the gym armed with "this is the year I get in shape" resolutions. Before you hit the gym though, brush up on some gym etiquette rules and avoid these universal gym DON'TS so you don’t become that guy or girl at the gym everyone makes a resolution to hate on this year.

  1. Dropping weights
    Everyone can tell by your giant muscles and the 100lb barbells you're curling that you're the buffest guy/girl at the gym. No need to grunt loudly and slam your weights around to get attention.

  2. Cell phone conversations
    Going to the gym is a time for exercise, not for socialization. Unless it's an emergency, leave your cell phone in the locker room.

  3. Not wiping down gym equipment
    Who wants to use a treadmill just after the stinky, sweaty guy gets off? It's easy enough to use the antibacterial gym wipes provided.

  4. Lounging/Hovering
    There's always that one guy who hogs his favorite exercise machine, taking 5 minute rests in between reps, making it impossible to ever use it. It's just as annoying when you stand right there as if you're in line waiting for it. Do your reps and move along. If you are waiting, do something else while you're waiting, people like their space while they exercise.

  5. Overdoing perfume/cologne
    People are bound to smell bad at the gym—there's no need to use excessive amounts of axe in the locker room to cover it up—there's people trying to breathe here! Plus, that's what the natural air fresheners are for.

  6. Going to the gym sick
    No one else wants to catch whatever you have. Stay home and get some rest, or at least use plenty hand sanitizers while you're there.

  7. Excessively loud music
    We all have our own workout music that gets us pumped up. Whether its techno, rap, or classical, we tune in to get ourselves focused. Nothing is more annoying than being able to hear the loud screamo music from the guy's headset next to you over Eye of the Tiger. Turn it down.

  8. Not cleaning up after yourself
    No one wants to pick up your sweaty towel or water bottle off the workout machine before using it. Make sure you leave each machine as it was before you used it.
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