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Customer Spotlight - Anytime Fitness (VA Beach & Chesapeake VA)

Your Name:
Taz & Stacey Theodore (aka "STAZ")
Health Club Name:
Anytime Fitness
Health Club Location(s):
Va Beach and Chesapeake VA
What Zogics products do you use?
Gym wipes
What do you like most about Zogics products/service?
We used to use paper towels and a spray bottle - no one could ever find the spray bottle, it was messy and we had to refill the bottles all the time. We and our members are sooo happy with the Zogics wipes and dispensers! They work great, are easy to install and smell good too! Our order is always shipped on time and gets to us in a very timely fashion - which is great since we tend to wait until the last minute to order! We also love that a portion (1%?) goes back to the help the environment - that's awesome!
How does a clean gym help you attract/retain members?
A clean gym is one of the best things to attract members! The biggest complaint we hear is that other gyms are dirty which can also mean unsanitary - and who wants to work out in a yucky smelly unsanitary gym? Not us - so definitely not our members! A clean gym means you care about your members and their experience at your club!
What advice do you have for other club owners about keeping their facility clean?
Make it a number one priority! It will definitely make you stand out from your competition!
What's your favorite fitness activity?
I love to roller blade and Taz loves to scuba dive!
Care to offer an interesting tidbit about yourself?
"Taz" is a Marine Gunnery Sgt. - he bleeds red, white and blue and he is my Hero!! We have 3 beautiful daughters (Danielle 17, Carley, 15 and Nicolette 13). You all might want to start saying some prayers for "TAZ" - 4 women and 1 man all under one roof! Hee hee! Lucky man - he is surrounded by women.....
Have a funny story to share about something that's happened at your club?
Funny? Well it might be funny now - but when we first started our first Anytime Fitness (about 4 years ago) we had to order a special shower to be installed into one of the bathrooms. It took forever to get the shower ordered and it was cutting things really close for inspection time by the city, but alas the shower showed up just in the nick of time. One small problem though - it DID NOT fit throughthe door - any of the doors! Go figure it was a couple of inches (literally inches) too big. We had to have a glass company come and take out an enormous pane of store front glass so we could slip the shower through. Just when you think you've got it all figured out - something new smacks you in the face!
So let us save you some time - use Zogics - they are awesome!
About Zogics:
Zogics is a leading supplier of high-performance cleaning, personal care and health products, including gym wipes, hand sanitizers (alcohol-free & alcohol-based), green disinfectants, and natural air fresheners. Zogics is also an authorized distributor of Philips defibrillators and AED accessories, as well as energy efficient Xlerator hand dryers. As a member of 1% for the Planet, Zogics donates 1% of all sales to environmental organizations. Zogics’ products are available throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in numerous countries around the world. Learn more by visiting www.zogics.com or calling (888) 623-0088.
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