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Customer Spotlight: Pittsfield Family YMCA

Eric Tyer
Health Club Name:
Pittsfield Family YMCA
Health Club Location(s):
292 North St, Pittsfield, MA
What Zogics products do you use?
Gym wipes and all natural hand sanitizer
What do you like most about Zogics products/service?
Paul is always very helpful and friendly; the orders are delivered to the YMCA with no hassle by simply sending Paul an email or phone call in. The Zogics wipes keep our equipment clean and germ free. The upholstery continues to look brand new and not dried out as some of the harsher wipes on the market can do.
How can Zogics improve?
I have been very happy so far and glad to hear about the expansion of your new warehouse. The signs to place near the dispensers were very helpful to remind members to clean equipment after use. Thank you!
How does a clean gym help you attract/retain members?
It helps make our members feel that they are coming into a clean YMCA and that they don’t have to worry about unsanitary pieces of equipment. Germs are very common at gyms and we want to help keep our members healthy during the cold and flu seasons. The wipes make it more convenient for members to clean their equipment and we see more members doing it more than when we had spray bottles and towels.
What advice do you have for other club owners about keeping their facility clean?
Encourage your members to take pride in their gym by helping staff keep the gym germ free by wiping down all equipment after each use. The new signs Paul provided have been very helpful. Great idea!!
What’s your favorite fitness activity?
Basketball. It’s a great way to work out with friends and stay motivated.
Care to offer an interesting tidbit about yourself?
Besides being the Wellness Director at the YMCA, I also teach Physical Education at Lenox Memorial Middle and High School. I enjoy coaching basketball and would love to see the BOSTON CELTICS beat the Lakers in the finals.

About Zogics:

Zogics is a leading supplier of high-performance cleaning, personal care and health products, including gym wipes, hand sanitizers (alcohol-free & alcohol-based), green disinfectants, and natural air fresheners. Zogics is also an authorized distributor of Philips defibrillators and AED accessories, as well as energy efficient XLERATOR hand dryers.
We give back: Zogics donates a percentage of all sales to environmental organizations, totalling tens of thousands of dollars in donations since our inception. Zogics’ products are available throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in numerous countries around the world. Learn more by visiting Zogics.com or calling (888) 623-0088.
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