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Health Club Spotlight - Snap Fitness (Douglassville, PA)

Your Name:
John Stockton
Health Club Name:
Snap Fitness – Douglassville, PA
Health Club Location(s):
Douglassville, PA
What Zogics products do you use?
Zogics gym wipes.
What do you like most about Zogics products/service?
I especially like the feedback we receive from our members…telling us that the wipes are easy to use, do not leave residue on the equipment and are always available in the three dispensers we have in the club. From an administrative perspective the dispensers are easy to maintain/resupply. We are also very pleased with the very prompt delivery of the gym wipes. We have very little storage space in the club and rely on the fast delivery of the wipes in a “just-in-time” inventory management process. Two day delivery is the norm and is greatly appreciated.
If you’ve previously ordered from another company, what makes our product/service better?
We have used only Zogics. We have been in clubs that use spray bottles and dry towels (mostly for perceived cost reasons) and feel that the cleaning of the equipment is less thorough than using a constant product like Zogics.
How does a clean gym help you attract/retain members?
Cleanliness is a #1 priority. Any negative comment regarding cleanliness is treated as a major problem and gets full attention of each member of management and we reinforce what we expect from each member in terms of using the Zogics.
What advice do you have for other club owners about keeping their facility clean?
Constant inspection, constant communication, and accept the fact that your club is NEVER as clean as it could be.
What’s your favorite fitness activity?
For cardio…the Arc Trainer from Cybex; for weight/strength training…the ab machine and the back extension machine from Cybex to target the “core”; for diet…lots of water (keeping hydrated; protein drink after a great workout and lots of fruits/vegetables.
Care to offer an interesting tidbit about yourself?
My wife, Karen, and I may be the oldest Snap Fitness franchisees at age 68…but we are definitely among the youngest in our commitment to the fitness training success of our members. We do not “rent fitness equipment”…rather, we focus on helping our members achieve her of his fitness goals in a very clean (thanks to Zogics, in part!) environment.
About Zogics:
Zogics is a leading supplier of high-performance cleaning, personal care and health products, including gym wipes, hand sanitizers (alcohol-free & alcohol-based), green disinfectants, and natural air fresheners. Zogics is also an authorized distributor of Philips defibrillators and AED accessories, as well as energy efficient Xlerator hand dryers. As a member of 1% for the Planet, Zogics donates 1% of all sales to environmental organizations. Zogics’ products are available throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in numerous countries around the world. Learn more by visiting www.shop.zogics.com or calling (888) 623-0088.
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