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Healthclub Spotlight - Rehab Gym

Rehab Gym - Zogics Gym WipesClub Name: The RehabGYM

Your Name: Mike Anderson

Club Location: Williston, Colchester and Burlington, Vermont

What Zogics products do you use (gym wipes, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, eco-friendly air-fresheners, first aid products, Philips AEDs, hand dryers, etc.)? We currently only use the gym wipes.

What do you like most about Zogics products/service (don’t hold back here)? They smell really nice and fresh. They are SUPER thick and are not hard to pull out of the dispenser. Being that we are in Vermont, it is only appropriate that we use a “milking” method when extracting the wipes.

If you’ve previously ordered from another wipe company, what makes our product/service better? The other wipes we have used are really harsh and chemical smelling, these wipes always smell so fresh and clean…and they don't burn off your skin like Clorox wipes do.

How can Zogics improve (we may keep this answer private, so feel free to speak your mind)? We have had quite a few people comment that if the wipe is not pulled straight down, they jam… we’d like to say “no kidding” but we don’t. We educate them on the best method for retrieving a new wipe. Most appreciate the Vermont method…. Others don’t think it’s all that funny.

How does a clean gym help you attract/retain members?

  • A clean gym is more attractive as no one wants to work out in a dump and helps keep illness from spreading.
  • We have patients who are sometimes neutropenic or immune-compromised in some way, and need a very clean, sterile facility. We wouldn't be able to see these people without good cleaning products. Also, having a clean facility is so important for business. Who wants to come into a place with sticky or sweaty equipment!? EW!

What advice do you have for other club owners about keeping their facility clean?

  • There are some gym franchises that have made national news for not being clean. Being known as a place that grows STAPH and other bacteria is not something you want. My advice is that you owe it to your patrons to keep the facility clean, otherwise you could potentially be enabling germs to spread and your patrons will get sick and be too ill to come in! Lose-lose situation!

What’s your favorite fitness activity? My favorite fitness activity is back country skiing in the winter and paddle boarding in the summer.

Care to offer an interesting tidbit about yourself (does not have to be health club related)? I am tattoo collecting, Land Rover driving father of 3. I also share my house with a macaw and an iguana.

Have a funny story to share about something that’s happened at your gym?
About a month ago, a gentleman walked in and said he had some questions about his referral. There were two of us at the desk. My colleague spoke with him first, showing him where he could sit to complete his intake paperwork. After a few minutes he returned to the front desk and said “which of you knows more about joints?”

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