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Home Gym Essentials

Zogics_Blog_May_2016_Home_Gym.jpgIf you can't make it to the gym due to the weather or any other reason, you don't have to forego your workout. A home gym is an excellent substitute for a fitness club. A home gym won't bust your budget but it will take some time to assemble.

Carefully Consider the Location
Setting up a home gym is something you should plan weeks or months in advance. Give some thought to which room of your home is ideal for workout equipment. For some, it might be the basement. For others, it is the garage or even a spare room. It is imperative that the room you select has windows for air circulation, outlets and open space. Ideally, it will have a door so you can close yourself off from the outside world's distractions while focusing on your workout.

Make It Your Own
Go ahead and customize your workout space as you deem appropriate. Set up a radio, TV or even a computer. Do not hesitate to hook up your computer/radio to high-quality speakers. The addition of upbeat music will go a long way in terms of inspiring you to take your workouts to the max. Add lighting and a full-length mirror to boot.

Investing in expensive workout machines for your home gym is rarely worth the money, especially if you use this area as a backup for instances when you can't make it to the fitness club. Instead, opt for comparably cheaper dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands and/or a TRX suspension system.

You will also need a power rack in order to lift in full confidence. It will come in handy for just about every type of workout, from military presses to squats, bench presses and beyond. Be sure to select a power rack of the highest quality. Opt for one that is tall enough to permit overhead pressing, strong enough to hold 500 (man) pounds and equipped with safety arms that can be easily lowered and raised.

An Adjustable Workout Bench
An old, rock-hard workout bench will not suffice for your home gym. The importance of an adjustable workout bench that is ergonomically proper and extremely comfortable cannot be understated. It will cushion your back and absorb considerable pressure as you bench press. Do not settle for a flat workout bench that can't be adjusted. An adjustable workout bench allows for an array of different presses like dumbbell shoulder presses and incline chest presses.

Equipment for Cardio/Flexibility Workouts
A full workout is not complete without some cardiovascular exercise. Pick up a stability ball and/or a medicine ball and you will be able to perform an array of exercises from the comfort of your home. Foam rollers also make an excellent addition to your home gym.

Mats and Flooring
Your home gym will need yoga mats, regular mats and/or Anderson flooring. These flooring materials will act as a barrier between the cement/carpeting and your workout equipment as well as your feet. This way, you won't feel terribly guilty if you drop a dumbbell or other weight on the floor. Its impact will be fully absorbed by your mat or Anderson flooring, preventing unsightly damage.

Do not forget about food and drink! Ideally, you will install a mini fridge in your home gym so you don't have to open the door and walk to the kitchen for a cool beverage or snack. Stock your mini fridge with cold water, sports drinks containing electrolytes and maybe even a pre-made smoothie. Other sports snacks essentials include fuel for fire, nuun, caffeine and kilo and your choice of protein powders.

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