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How to Buy Rubber Tile Flooring for Weightlifting

Rubber tile flooring is the default standard in plenty of health & fitness facilities, as owners and managers realize its many benefits it provides their guests. Rubber flooring is easy on the joints, offering a superb level of cushioning and shock absorption. It also protects floors from being dinged by dropped weights or scratched by large equipment—not to mention, it's easy to clean and easy to maintain.

However, we’ve found that some facility managers are unsure about which type of rubber flooring to install in their club. Where does rubber tile flooring fit in?


Blue rubber tile flooring

About 1” thick rubber tile flooring

First off, let’s explain the name. 1” Tiles are modular rubber flooring tiles that are 1” thick (the 1” refers to its thickness, not width or length). Compared to other rubber flooring solutions, like rolled rubber which is typically 8mm (.3”) or 9mm (.35”), 1” Tiles are the most durable when it comes to sound dampening and shock absorption. 

Zogics 1” Tiles are created with a unique waffle bottom design that provides a host of functions. For one, it provides the best shock absorption, making for a safer athletic surface that’s easier on joints, muscles, and dropped weights. This also means that they are the most protective and most sound-absorbing. Another benefit of the waffle backing is the ability to hide machine cables underneath the tiles in a cardio area.


Tan 1" rubber tile flooring

Where can I use 1” rubber tile flooring in my fitness facility?

With its ability to withstand intense abuse and provide reliable traction, 1” rubber flooring tiles are best suited for heavy weight-training areas. Their structure provides the ultimate in durability and wear-resistance. This isn’t to say that gyms use 1” Tiles for larger areas, but because of their thickness, they are more expensive than regular puzzle tiles or rolled rubber.

1” rubber flooring goes great in:

  • Weight rooms
  • Olympic weightlifting platforms
  • Military training centers
  • Collegiate and pro sport training centers
  • Personal trainer studios
  • Home gyms

installing rubber tile flooring

Installation of 1” rubber tile flooring 

You’ll start by unpacking tiles, allowing them to sit in the area to be installed. Tiles and adhesive must be acclimated at uniform room temperature for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation.

Determine your starting point, which will be different based on the shape of the room. For irregular site configurations, the best starting point is often in the center. This will ensure a symmetrical finish. Other installations are best started in the corner or along one edge that represents the length or width dimension of the site.

Mark two points on the surface, equidistant from the edge of the installation. These points should be located near the opposite ends. Go ahead and draw a chalk line through these points. Measure the length of the site along the chalk line and mark a point at half the distance of the site.

We’ll get more in-depth in our full installation guide, but here you’ll be using the 3-4-5 right triangle method. Insert a dowel pin in each of the three dowel holes and then tap the dowel into the molded hole until the length of the dowel is showing beyond the edge of the tile. Install dowels in enough tiles, in this manner, to lay one line.

Check out our full 1" tile rubber flooring installation guide for outfitting your fitness facility.


Black 1" rubber tile flooring

Maintenance of 1” rubber tile flooring

You’re going to want to make sure you stay up on the care of your new flooring product. With our recommended Rubber Sport Flooring Cleaner & Degreaser and a schedule of daily and weekly cleaning, you’re on your way to spotless floors protected from wear patterns and damage.

Get more information on how to clean rubber flooring here. We put together everything you need, from products to processes.


Additional 1” tile rubber flooring benefits

At Zogics, our flooring is available with a standard selection of colors, with custom colors also available. We can combine a variety of color granules to create completely unique colorways. And don’t forget that we can work with you to brand tiles with your facility logo. Custom branding is a great way to make sure your brand message and style is consistent from the front door to the weight room.

When using 1” tiles, if damage does occur, only one piece needs to be replaced rather than the whole floor. And remember that the waffle backing allows ideal shock absorption.

Our 1” tile flooring is also eco-friendly and made of 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber. As a GreenCircle Certified product, you’ll be proud to make an environmentally conscious choice for your facility.


Let’s get started!

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